Elusive targets in hitman 3. progress and suits

I would like the suit rewards to be de-coupled from the elusive targets, I have all the suits bar santa, and I feel it is unfair that newer players miss out.

Instead I’d like to see suits as a reward for owning the first two games on steam on in the io store, with new suits to be a SA reward on locations rather than restricted to ETs.

Rewards for ETs could instead be concept art, a ingame badge, or even an ingame coin.

I also would like not to have to repeat the first two games again when hitman 3 rolls out and just be able to prot my unlocks.


Personally I think that current system is pretty normal.
Elusive Targets are reactivated now and I don’t see the reason of IOI to stop doing this.

One thing I would change is to make Elusive Targets’ Tab and do them accessible for anyone new at any time they want, after initial circle of course.

And finally make Elusive Targets permanently playable to everyone after game live circle is over.
This would’ve been something of a perfect solution to this


I agree that locking signature suits behind elusive targets is stupid. Like you said, newer players will never own the signature suit w/ gloves at this point, which is a damn shame. The BM and Absolution are fine suits but they’re way too valuable to be limited available. Players should at least own the signature suit with gloves from the start. (I don’t get why the signature suit without gloves is even a thing). BM and Absolution suit could be locked behind professional difficulty challenges. Starting suits w/ gloves behind mastery level 20 of each level.

Best thing I would come up with to fix this is by doing the same thing The Undying did: play the mission, unlock a item. Then after a x-amount of succesfull ET missions you receive a ‘good performance coin’ or something.


There’s been a shift towards this lately, with New York, Haven, Hawkes Bay, and Mumbai all having their specific suits acquired through means other than ETs.

Though this could be just because IO didn’t make enough ETs for H2 they had to release the suits somehow. It could also be a move towards phasing out ETs altogether?

It’s worse imo that there’s still suits we haven’t unlocked like the training turtleneck or the Siberian coat.

But if in H3 they keep suits to ETs I think that’s fine as long as they reactivate them and have multiple ETs on each location.

This doesn’t help if someone’s failed a season 2 ET though, as they can’t play the reactivation and never get the suit


Most of the players are warned and aware that they have only one chance on particular Elusive Target.

We used to have more than one ET per location - that means even if you failed one or two targets, you still have a chance to get the suit with next targets.
That’s more than fair I think.

Only thing is IOI to continue to release Elusive Targets and more than one-two per location

We don’t had any ET in Mumbai, only one ET for Santa Fortuna and Whittleton Creek and only 7 ETs in total. It wouldn’t surprise me if they completely scrapped ETs for the third Season and instead give us suits via mastery level, challenges packs and escalations.


I’d like to see the suit reward for SA ETs gone. ETs with their theme of “one chance only” could (and imo should) be played in a single attempt. Their special charm for me is that you face an unknown scenario which you can not restart, so when you screw up, you have to adapt and improvise. The SA requirement collides with this. Only after I got the last ET SA reward, I could enjoy the following ETs without ultra cautious slow exploration. This also makes people look at youtube guides or pull their network connection instead of adapting to the ingame scenario that could unfold I never did either of it


Maybe locking suits through Mastery (Master SASO for example to each location) and get special rewards for Elusive Targets (gadgets, weapons, etc…) would be a better concept :+1:


Or you simply restart, because it’s only one chance only once you killed your target/complete an objective And there will always people who look at YouTube guides. Even if there’s no reward whatsoever except a feeling of accomplishment. Because people are like that.

Meh. Suit unlocks are completely meaningless and change absolutely nothing in the game other the occasional NPC line. IO could delete them all out of the game and I wouldn’t care a bit.

There is much bigger issues to deal with regarding HITMAN 3 than something as meaningless and trivial as this.


I personally think ETs should be some type of special assignment that can be played over and over, but are very difficult and would have to take alot of planning to complete and/or get SA and would also have certain restrictions, for example:
in The Serial Killer the target would find somebody to kill at the party, and then take them to the murder basement (or somewhere else) so he can kill them, and then you’d have to try and complete the mission before he does.

I feel that ETs are becoming obcelete. Mumbai, New York, and Haven don’t even have at least one. IOI has said that we’ll be able to transfer everything from Hitman 2 (including legacy pack) onto Hitman III. But I feel that special assignments will be the new elusive targets, maybe if you complete all the assassination challenges you get the unique location suit with gloves.

Mumbai for unclear reason, but other two are part of DLC that not every single player would have.
So there is no point to put there any Elusive Target. We had one on bonus The Icon level. Seems nothing good grew on that.
I doubt that Elusive Target in Haven Island would’ve been the best advertisement to the level (and the whole DLC, read Expansion Pass) and would’ve increased the sales