Elusive Targets MEGA THREAD

Yes the normal suit with gloves

Elusive Target Codenames - https://www.reddit.com/r/HiTMAN/wiki/hitman/elusivetargets

The Forger (Sergei Larin)
Codename: tequilasunrise
The Congressman (Anthony L. Troutt)
Codename: mintjulep
The Prince (Father Adalrico Candelaria)
Codename: sazerac
The Sensation (Jonathan Smythe)
Codename: shandy
The Gunrunner (Vito Đurić)
Codename: screwdriver
The Twin (Dylan Narváez)
Codename: piscosour
The Wildcard (Gary Busey)
Codename: quadruplerumandcoke
The Broker (Ivory White & Howard Moxon)
Codename: margarita
The Black Hat (Owen “Protagonist” Wagner)

Codename: kamikaze
The Pharmacist (Nila Torvik)

Codename: kirroyal
PS4 Exclusive (Sarajevo Six)

The following are part of the PS4 exclusive content. Additional information should be added by the PS4 community.

This list is maintained here to prevent users from re-adding content; we know about them, we know about their code names (the ones that have been leaked). For additional information please use the Sarajevo Six page.

The Director (Scott M. Sarno)
Codename: BlueBlazer
The Enforcer (Gary Lunn)
Codename: Mimosa
The Extractor (Walter Menard)
Codename: ginfizz
The Veteran (John Stubbs)
Codename: gimlet
The Mercenary (Patrick Morgan)
Codename: BlackRussian
The Controller (Taheiji Kojama)
(Codename is as of yet unknown).

“The Warlord” (Adeze Ojiofur A.K.A. “Nna Obara” or “Bloody Mamma.”)
Codename: bloodymary
"The Ex-Dictator" (Richard Ekwensi)
Codename: brassmonkey
"The Rogue" (Owen Cage)
Codename: bronx
The Badboy (Bartholomew Argus)
Codename: caipirinha
"The Fixer" (Xander Haverfoek)
Codename: cosmopolitan
"The Guru"(Richard J. Magee)
Codename: harveywallbanger
"The Angel of Death" (Etta Davis)
Codename: hottoddy
"The Blackmailer" (Walter Williams)
Codename: lumumba
"The Freak" (Mr. Giggles)
Codename: maitai
"The Food Critic" (Wen Ts’ai)
Codename: martini
"The Paparazzo" (Kieran Hudson)
Codename: mojito
"The Surgeon" (Doctor Pavel Frydel)
Codename: moscowmule
"The Bad Robinson" (Jaromir Zotov)
Codename: mudslide
"The Ice Cube" (Michael Dorman)
Codename: negroni
"The Gunner" (Herman Vanhoek)
Codename: paloma
"The Identity Thief" (Brendan Conner)
Codename: whiterussian
"The Tourist" (Daniel Vestergaard)
Codename: `pilsner’
“The Burglar” (Fitz Denis)
Codename: pinkpanther
"The Chef" (Gabriel Santos)
Codename: sakini
"The Torturer" (Wilhelm “Willy” Schulz)
Codename: sangria
"The Client" (Taheiji Koyama)
Codename: seabreeze
"The Playboy" (Tren Sang-Ho)
Codename: sidecar
"The Gambler" (Riley Hunter Moorefield)
Codename: spritzer
"The Partners" (Yo Ja Kyung & Maurice Dendry)
Codename: zombie
Incomplete data

The following targets are missing substantial amounts of data and thus do not yet have pages for fear they will be removed. The data may well already be available but has been overlooked.

The current value of the data present does not lend itself to individual pages being made (despite similar status of some of the above).

“The Documentarist” (Phillipos Kaphanopolis)
Codename: DarkAndStormy
No briefing data available.
“The Fugutive” (Unknown target(s))
Codename: DirtyOctopus
No briefing data available.
Codename: Earthquake
No briefing data available.
“The Bookkeeper” (Pertti Järnefelt)
Codename: Flirtini
No briefing data available.
“The E-Sportsman” (Zhen ‘LOLRaptor2000’ Yü)
Codename: RaceHorse
No briefing data available.
“The Operative” (Mi-Cha Sun)
Codename: SingaporeSling
No briefing data available.
“The Conditioner” (Bradley Paine)
Codename: Snakebite
No briefing data available.
“The Doomsayer” (Giichi Daita)
Codename: Tamagozake
No briefing data available.
“The Author” (Lawrence Wilson)
Codename: TheLastWord
No briefing data available.
UNKNOWN (Unknown target(s))
Codename: Bushwacker
No briefing data available.name: Bushwacker
No briefing data available.[/details]


Thanks for reminding me. There is a modding HEX thread that discusses datamined content. You could paste it in there.

If there’s a possible link dump, you can just link to the appropriate thread/create thread

Yeah I did. I linked the wiki at the top of the list. I was told about it by a dataminer on here and thoughtI’ll copy over

That’s some truly amazing set of characters. With ETs we are getting a true variety of victims from all backgrounds.

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Yeah I spoiler them here and link it for ease of access.

Some people like looking at info purely on here or don’t mind clicking a link so I do both to appease everybody.

Also check out this thread that hold majority of the codenames already

Please, give us Blood Money suit with tie pin for 16 ETs.

Yeah, pretty sure the suits are all the same thing. The only difference comes from slight shirt, tie, and glove reskins.

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Wouldn’t make sense.

Suit customisation. Forget weapon customisation. I want to wear a top hat, monocle, set my suit up with sweet tails, and look dapper as I drop people.


Agent 17 suit for 17 elusives. Plz!


Agent 48 suit for 48 elusives! It’s identical to 47’s one, but maybe 47 could have that idiot smiley of the 48s :smiley:


I would love to have an Agent 17 suit, nice nod towards 47 last brother or hell even the albino’s white suit.


The white suit we never got to see properly, but we already (many people at least) have the Requiem Suit.

Actually @AlexNiedt, the BM suit has very exagerated physics for the tie and the jacket. Is almost like a nod to BM artworks where the suit was despicted like if 47 was in the middle of a strong air flow.

Well, in the photos they are literally copy-paste suit and belt,

Of course they are, but at least in gameplay they look different enough. Seriously, those tie physics for the BM one are crazy :joy:.

Is the tux the same tux from Paris?

Definitely would love an ‘Agent 17’ suit! :heart_eyes:

After successfully completing 17 Elusives, of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Kir Royal update had interesting data in it.

Due to my new policy of not leaking information what follows is not from it:

“The Spodiatrist” (Spodester)
Codename: whiskyandrye


It’s just a matter of time before Spodey is confirmed

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