Elusive Targets MEGA THREAD

What a productive thread. We need more like this

In other forums you can post the threads you want and about whatever thing you want so I thought this would be the same. Im sorry if this bothered you man.


No, it doesn’t bother me. Threads like this usually (I think?) get closed though so I’d rather we use the ones we already have :slight_smile:

Pinecone is good for stuff like this. You can vent over there :slight_smile:

Ok bro In that case Im sorry and I will try no to do it again (I cant promise though :smile: )


Don’t apologise :slight_smile: you’re still new, you don’t know this place very well. I’m sure once you learn your way around you’ll get better


:smiley:What Spoderman is saying (i think :wink:) , we have other threads you could post this in, like this one:

or this one:

Anyway, failed sucks, but it will be more… many more :smiley:


Wrong thread :smiley:

Sorry to hear that.

But just play your other games and forget all about it, and the next Elusive will be here in no time! :slight_smile:

I’m proud of you for getting into a firefight in an Elusive … even if you didn’t mean to. Most people would have been in the pause menu, scrambling for that restart button before a second shot was fired. lol


I failed one of the five elusive contracts (fucking Prince) and still got the Absolution suit today. Thank goodness this game is buggy as shit. :expressionless:

This contract (Gunrunner) was a piece of pisscake. Get the elite soldier outfit and you might as well be invisible. Sauntered up, dropped duck, sauntered off.

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I hoping for shit like this to happen to me too… I missed the forger

gotta git gud kid

I feel your frustraition. I was away from home at the time of the forger and the sensation, and failed the prince. I actually uninstalled the game when that happened, but installed it the day after. The fail was pretty funny now that i look back at it. I struggled to get the prince isolated and wasted all my coins. Eventually i lost my temper and shot his brains out right in front of two guards, ran as fast as i could towards the pier. Unfortunaly i got cut off and headed for the underground toilets, and there i engaged in a gunfight with two guards. At last i was hiding behind a toilet door, surrounded by at least 10 guards outside. I waited for them to leave a whole hour, but nope. Tried to shoot myself out but ended up being gunned down like a dog in the street. Shit happens.


Another reason Elusive Targets suck… worst idea ever.

Poor sods who have chosen not to buy the game until all maps are out, they have been screwed by IO.

Thanks bro but I felt bad not only because I failed but because I think 47 wouldnt have failed a contract :grin:

Sorry to hear that bro. Im gonna tell you what Im going to do from now on. Sniper. Far distance. Headshot. Run. Mission accomplished. Suits unlocked. Happiness.

Man Elusive Targets are really cool, Im pissed because I failed due to MY mistake, not because some glitch or anything like that

For those of you who’ve failed to do this or any other ET. Might be a slight consolation.

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Ahhhh good to know!

20 goddammned characters

The problem is for those who only just got the game or those who can only play a couple times a month, they will have been robbed of elusive targets and therefore equipment & suits etc.

Would’ve been much smarter if they started the clock only once the player starts the mission. Or perhaps only allow 1-2 tries pr. target or something like that. This whole thing of making the missions available within a real time period is just poor fan service pure and simple - esp. since those of us with jobs sometimes can’t play for a month or more sometimes.

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Ah, see the thing about elusive targets is that they are elusive.

47 wouldn’t have unlimited time to take on a contract and neither should you.