Elusive Targets Reactivation January 2020

I just noticed that the Hitman 2 Elusive Targets were being reactivated. I have no problem with this but I think it would be fairer for the Elusive Targets to be available to those players who have already completed them or indeed failed them so that those players are then able to improve their scores. Otherwise people who were late in taking up the game will now have the opportunity to beat players who have played the game since day one using methods unavailable at the time they completed them i.e. using the Electrocution Phone.

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Every player gets the chance to complete (or fail) them once unless they miss all activations of them.

Please use an existing topic for this matter. Or please realize that it is a dead horse topic because of the huge number of threads about it:

Note that these are only the threads of Hitman 2. You can easily quadruple it with H2016.