Elusive targets SA challenge not working for me

Hi, I just completed my fifth Elusive target with Silent Assassin rating and my tracker challenge is stuck at 1 or 2 of 5 (sometimes it either of them).
I’ve read on the internet it’s a old issue and I should contact support to resolve it - so here I am.
What should I do? Or what email should I contact?

Within 48 hours after current Elusive Target ends, you’ll be rewarded a deserved suit if you claiming one.
Though the ET counter I’m afraid will remain untouched.

You personally shouldn’t do anything except waiting.
If you have to get a suit, it will appear in your inventory after 30th of June.
I think at about 2-3rd of July

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Oh ok. That makes some sense. Thanks a lot!

If thats true then my panic during a SA ET was for something. (I really want the Terminus suit to an unhealthy degree).