Elusive targets: The Vault keeper and The Decor

Elusive targets: Steven Jones & Beau Bainbridge

Briefing: Good evening 47, your targets are the fond owners of Sitehigh, a real estate agency which have killed over two hundred people with their poorly done houses. Your first target is Steven Jones also known as the “vault keeper”. Steven has been accessing illegal documents on the website of the company and been stealing credit funds of his dead customers, your second target Beau Bainbridge also known as the decor. she has been in and out of their properties and “improving” their houses, she has also been leaking information to her partner (Steven Jones)
Who has then later released information Anonymously before their client dies.

They are in the Palais de Walewska to do health and safety prosecution to but the palace up on the market after the owners husband Sergei Larin, one of your previous targets was found dead inside the palace grounds. Simone Larin (the owner) is unable to attend tonight but Dalia Margolis a close friend to the owners has stepped in to talk to both targets. These targets are deadly and will be sure to have on site security. Good luck 47

Route of Steven Jones:

Him and Beau start in the first floor library, a waiter enters the room with a tray of a bottle of wine, he offers both targets a drink but only Steven takes one (opportunity to make him be sick in toilet or die of poison) He then decides that the alcohol is not right he then has a go at the waiter and demands for a better drink when he comes back. They then proceed to the upstairs auction on the second floor where they are greeted by Sophus Fatale who then leads them through the auction (under a chandelier) and into Dalias office where Hailey Brennan will be waiting to great both targets, Steven will then go outside to make a call (where you can push him) after doing some talking on the phone he will join Dalia and Beau and will talk about the property. They will put a price up for the palace, Dalia makes a call with Simone and the deal is set. After they will go to the catering room (chandelier kill) to have a private chat, after Beau and Steven finish they go back down stairs to the library and taste the wine again Steven once again shouts at the waiter and decides to go to the wine cellar, leaving Beau to do some investment. Going down the stairs through the kitchen past the food supply room (gas explosion) and down the corridor to the pantry where he will look lost and will turn back round to the corridor and into the cellar. He will then ask secretary to secure the cellar and will be isolated in the room. After isolating himself with his guards he will drink the wine which is placed on the table (which will poison him or make him sick) he will then go up the basement stairs to meet up with Beau they will then talk about what happened and will go to the bar, he will walk up to the door (drop speaker) and then has a drink (poison kill or make him sick) then go back up to the library on the second floor. Loop.

Route of Beau:

Will also start in the second floor library. When waiter walks in she will decline the offering to the wine and will walk out onto the balcony with her two guards (will be an additional security camera out on the terrace) she will talk to the real estate company about meeting up with Dalia and mentions if it does not go to plan there will be other ways (you can then push her off the terrace) after taking her call she will come back inside the library and they proceed onto the second floor. Both targets are greeted by Sophus Fatale and leads both of them to the office (chandelier kill) after that they will arrive at the office and Hailey Brennan will greet them. Steven goes out to take a call whilst Beau looks at the board behind her. A few moments later Dalia walks in and stands at her desk she will thank Beau for coming and after the conversation is over Steven enters the room. They talk about the price and make an agreement, Dalia leaves to call Simone. Beau who is constantly checking her phone will then put it down on the desk and join Steven outside (opportunity if you bring explosive phone, you can switch the phones so when she answers the call she will blow herself up and maybe your other target) she will then pick her phone up and go to the catering room, where her and Steven will have a private chat (guards protecting all entrances, and chandelier kill is available) after both will go back to the first floor library. Beau will take another call to the estate agency (push kill again). Steven leaves to go to the cellar whilst Beau does some investing. She decides the first place she wants to go is outside (where red food truck is) she looks at the walls and then stands next to a fire drum (set fire to her) after she will walk into the palace and down the corridor (passing a gas cylinder) and then waits for Steven outside the bar garden they then walk up to the bar (electrocute her when passing puddle, Steven misses puddle) they then approach the door to the bar (drop speaker) and takes a quick drink (poison or make her sick) they then proceed up stairs to the library and loop.

Additional information:

Bodyguards: four bodyguards will permanently stay in the first floor library one near the closest looking at glass case, other standing near the door on the right and two opposite the door in the middle (standing in front of balcony doors). Two more guards will be in the office at all times.

Only waiters, personal bodyguards and the targets are allowed in the library.

Secret death:

If you trigger the evacuation, not only will Dalia Margolis and Victor Novikov go into lockdown but so does both Steven and Beau their lockdown will be in the private pavilion (blow up both targets with heat lamps)


Steven’s Clothes: Black skinny jeans, trainers, designer white hoodie and has brown hair

Beau’s clothes: Dress white to grey to the bottom, diamond necklace and diamond earrings black heels and a slit down her dress

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