Elusive targets

I want the Elusive targets to be like the regular targets. Yes I know they are designed to make the experience a challenge, but I play Hitman 3 on the highest level there is. Elusive targets should be no harder to get than a level three target. There is nothing special about them just another millionaire somebody that someone has a grudge against and wants them dead. So let us remove the added security to the target, loosen the restrictions on the target game play. I believe that it would make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Elusive Targets is a special content.
I would say they are VIP among VIPs.
But most of them have no security, or just one guard.
Not so hard as for me

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The majority of elusive targets are very shallow in design. I don’t think I need to explain how awful they would become if we removed what cards they do have up their sleeve; such as unknown location and new/repositioned security for the target.

They aren’t really harder than any other targets, and I’m not sure what you mean by “a level three target.”


This is in a story context obviously. again I don’t think I need to explain what makes elusives unique on their own, it’s right in your face.

The only one that makes them harder is that you won’t have second chance on them.
I believe this bothers the author at first place and this is why he wants them to be “just as regular targets”

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Not super surprised, it bothers a lot of people. My message mainly regarded the bit I first quoted however.

I think the most shallow ET is The Forger:
He goes around the first floor, if I remember correctly, he has no bodyguards, and he goes to places where there are literally no other people.
You basically just have to wait and crack his neck or shoot him in the head.