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If you’ve been expecting an email from us in the past few days and it hasn’t arrived, that’s because there was an issue at the server side with them flagging out account as potentially breaching bulk email standards.

I’ve checked with support and the issue appears to be resolved now and updated the system so emails should now be going out (there’s a backlog of about 4,000 right now).

I apologize for the delay in resolving this, however given the possible consequences of not doing the proper checks before renabling things can be the immediate cancellation of my hosting account - I figured it was better to be safe than certain.


Wow…I mean I’m glad you fixed it and all but it almost sounds like a postal service where people have been delayed from getting their checks. :wink:

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Well no cheques were being mailed out - but some people probably were waiting on verification emails so they could post.

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Backlog is complete - if you still don’t have your email, check you spam filters.