Emetic Zombie Duck


Lol. Yes plz.

twenty characters

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Lol what’s its purpose though? Does it emit a cloud of emetic gas? That’d be sick

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Just like the emetic device, except with all the “duck properties” (not a “weapon”, all npcs pick them up, etc.)

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yo who farted like dang that is stinky


Yes please :smiley:
I guess the cloud it emits won’t be large enough to poison 20 characters.

i feel like all of these emetic items are making the emetic syringe pointless to equip.

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Except part of the function of the items is to change how challenging the mission is. If you want the mission to be difficult, make it difficult. Emetic items are fun. Im not a fan of including them in every loadout, but they feel fresh in a game thats been around for a bit.

I still feel like the emetic syringe is useful when you’re close, need to be quick and can’t really shoot or throw emetic poison with the Sieker or grenades.

I like the zombie duck, but I think having a rat prop just like the duck that released emetic gas would be very cool as well!
After all, from the beginning we’ve been using the Emetic Rat Poison, it’d seem fitting :smiley:

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Definitely. The syringe can be annoying, but it is perfectly legal to hold, unlike the Sieker.