Ending of Blood Money explained

Every so often someone comments about the supposed ambiguity of the Blood Money ending, wondering what 47 was doing in China at the end, why he didn’t get back in touch with Diana, and so on. I’ve always thought the intent of the ending was pretty obvious. I’ve said so in quite a few threads but the questions about the ending persist, so I want to make my case more visibly and more eloquently.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: 47 is still working at the end of Blood Money. He’s not spending time in China for rest and relaxation. The location is intentionally reminiscent of “The Lee Hong Assassination” and the dialogue is plainly from the textbook of “47’s about to kill this guy.” So who is he working for? Well, who could he be working for besides the Agency? And why?

When Diana tells a client that she’s lost track of 47, she’s lying. See, the whole theme of Blood Money is notoriety, as both a story device and a gameplay element. The player can increase 47’s notoriety via sloppy missions, causing more trouble for him down the road. Similarly, the entire Alexander Cayne plot revolves around 47 drawing too much attention from various agencies, becoming too famous, until he’s nearly killed along with everyone else in the Agency.

After coming so close to extinction, 47 and Diana have both learned that it’s better to keep a low profile. This is why it’s so important to “kill all witnesses” to 47’s resurrection, including the civilians— the reporter and priest. If 47 were to continue being a living legend, working for the Agency in a similar capacity, it would only be a matter of time before someone else targeted the Agency to get to him.

This also serves as a good way to end the series, at least for a while. The curtain literally closes on 47 in the last image of Blood Money, and it would be six years before we were given another Hitman game. The bittersweet takeaway is that 47 is still out there, having more adventures, but we’re not going to get to know about them because he’s keeping a low profile now.


I don’t know. At the end of Blood Money 47’s life had already been put in danger twice. First he was shot in Paris (Contracts), then Diana goes and stabs him in the back (literally) with the fake death serum, leaving him for dead at the morgue. While Diana didn’t have the worst of intentions, any self respecting individual would’ve turned his back on the agency for that, let alone 47. Diana had a bad reputation and it would make no sense for 47 to continue working for the agency. 47 quitting the agency is more plausible.

On the subject of Blood Money’s ending, the brothel scene was pretty vague, and there’s also the possibility that 47 was just looking for a place to lay low, or even get some R&R and some poon tang.

you are a little bit too late here

I liked your post because of this phrase!

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what this mean???

Why you like hitman ends???i’m just curious

Personally, I always saw BM’s ending as a good opportunity to create some depth and a bit of drama for the Hitman series. Diana never meant any ill will but she did take advantage of 47’s trust (from my point of view) and in H5, she and the Agency would have to work to earn it back. This would have been a great backdrop for expanding and strengthening them as characters and their relationship.

Sadly, it’s ultimately a missed opportunity with H5 so H6 will have to work something else out. I got nothing against Agent 17’s theory and as H5 has turned out, it seems he is correct. I just can’t help but think " Damn, they could’ve done a little bit more if they went in this route."

But all the same, I’ll take H6 as something of a fresh start rather IO to tries to continue or just write another story or no story at all.

What?another story is terrible and no story will turn hitman to something like angry birds…or bomberman or sega games.
No story…will mean no mission briefing and no cutscene…just a gameplay…which don’t mean anything exciting without a story.
You should know why you’re killing your target…and what’s going on.it’s obvious.

There is no a famous game series that suddenly leave the story…it’s the stupidest thing that can happen.

And changing story is as terrible as no story.

Rest and relaxation.

That is not The Lee Hong Assassination because Lee Hong was also a flashback in Contracts, after 47 was shot in Paris, which means that The Lee Hong Assassination happened before Blood Money.

All I’m saying is if they’re not sure how to proceed story wise then I’d rather they not try to force one just because it happens to be the new Hitman game. Could just be a briefing from Diana, info on the target, pretty much what any Hitman game is without their plots.

H5 has installed some doubt in me about their writing, but I hope they’ll improve with H6. Also, we still have no idea if they’ll move forward from H5’s story or not so nearly anything is open to happen.

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I think they should forget about hitman absolution…
I mean don’t connect hitman 6’s story to the hitman absolution.

for example:imagine someone kidnap victoria again and we should rescue her again…HOW TERRIBLE
that’s why i say they should forget about ABS.

it would be nice if they continue Blood money’s story…

I can’t see how Blood Money’s story can be continued, as the whole thing was about an FBI investigator talking about how bad cloning was to a reporter while still maintaining his own clones secretly. The story ended with the FBI investigator, and everyone else at the crematorium dying, and the end implied that Diana started up the ICA again, but didn’t have contact with 47, and 47 visited some location with a Chinese person. There’s not much follow up from there, besides maybe 47 working for someone other than the ICA or 47 finding the ICA again somehow.

And a event repeating in Hitman 6 doesn’t mean that the story is connected to Hitman: Absolution. Connecting it would mean referring to the events of the previous games and continuing from there.

that’s the point…it would be nice if story continue from that chinese place.

I mean the same…
I say hitman 6 shouldn’t be connected to hitman 5

Are you suggesting BM’s ending is C47’s beginning? If so, it would be a bomb. But… 47’s look is too old to make it be believable.

EDIT: i don’t suggest that BM is chronologicaly before C47, but they could transfer only this scene just as titbit

I’m not sure…I don’t think so…

yeah I know…

Before the last mission, Leyland explains that they required 47’s binge marrow for proper cloning. Also when dianna poisons 47, the swat team head in and say that they only have four minutes before he gets cold… this means that they we going to extract his bone marrow… so what happened to it ? Can anyone explain. Thanks

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lol binge marrow

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I actually just read this all. This is so awesome I fell off my chair. Such a detailed perspective and analysis. All this was before my eyes and it slipped pass through me. Me that even translated the hitman story dossier to my home language for my fellow. Bravo my friend.

In Hitman Damnation 47 worked smaller contracts outside of the agency once he left, so its possible that’s what he’s doing here until Diana or the Agency tracked him down and brought him back. He was most likely there to kill that guy though, I don’t he was actually just going shopping for something.

My thought was that the Asian establishment might’ve been a front for an arms dealer, and 47 was trying to restock his arsenal after the Franchise raided his hideout. Although it did occur to me that Diana might’ve been lying when she said she hadn’t heard from him.