Ending of Blood Money explained

I thought the end of BM was his cremation I found out by mistake the what I woulkd say alternate ending,Is there any more like this or is the end the, My Names Four Seven for now tonight I signed on pleased to be part of this

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47 getting cremated wasn’t the ‘official’ ending, it was simply the consequence of inaction during the final mission.


I was always unsure what the ending meant but assumed it made sense. A part of me couldn’t help but think for some reason he went back to see Mei Ling from C47/Contracts, even though that wouldn’t make sense because 1) If he met her then that means he helped her escape, and 2) He has no feelings for anyone, because that’s specifically who he is.

Did we ever get an official word from IO about the ending and what it means? Is it really just meant to be he’s already on another mission, in a place that happens to look 99% like the Lee Hong brothel (But with a Blue Lotus man instead of the other gang)? It didn’t come across as him being on another mission; who’s his target, a prostitute? If it was meant to be showing us he’s back doing missions, they could have illustrated in a much better way, like him looking through a scope at someone, or him in disguise following someone to an isolated area then it cuts to black.

(I was going to make a topic asking about the game’s ending since I just replayed it fully for first time in 10 years, but found this thread talking about it instead, soz for da bump)


Better to bump then create a duplicate. I think it’s meant to show he’s back to his old ways. Staying in shady places and taking missions. Who knows if this is where he’s hanging before a mission, part of a mission, or just some fun in between missions? They left a lot more unsaid back then. The older a franchise gets the more nuanced the story and the more the fans press for every last detail. I still want to know what’s in the file that Diana hands to 47 at the end of contracts. Was it a brief on the Franchise? LOL

I was shocked when suddnely 47 woke up at the end from dead and died by the bullets of guards. Didn’t had enough Time to take cover.
I remember finding it difficult to kill every guard until I found out strategy to run straight for the cover rather than shooting first.
God the games had some adrenaline rush back then.

She wasn’t pretending to be a nurse, she had agreed to give them 47 in exchange for a role at The Franchise (Or so they thought), silli

And I concur the end of Contracts was about The Franchise


That’s a nice explanation, I feel like 47 would go as far as save Mei Ling.
But who knows what he was doing honestly. The ending is very confusing, did he go back to work and faked his death? Did he work for the competition? It’s so bizarre

The pair of legs you see in the background through Cayne’s scenes is widely understood to be Diana. It’s the inside joke that you realize it’s her in the last stage when you see those same legs during her meeting with 47, and realize that it’s her you’ve been looking at throughout the whole game up to this point, making you wonder what’s going on until it’s revealed to be a setup, and then another setup in the next scene.

Cayne’s statement that he had a place for her in the Franchise is meant to be seen as a joke on his part that her new role is to be his personal assistant, including helping him with his medical needs, presumably as a way of keeping her under his thumb and reminding her that he didn’t need to let her live.

Rather stupid of him from the get-go, considering, as far as he’s aware, she just killed an extremely dangerous man easily, and expressed enjoyment at doing so. The guy who just upended her whole career is going to have her watching over him constantly while he’s almost completely dependent on her aid, and he knows she’s willing to kill? Seriously? Guy’s a fucking idiot.


Fair enough, but keep in mind, he thinks he just won. He let his arrogance slip into idiocy as a result, and I wouldn’t put it past him to do any of it considering the circumstances. Hitman villains, like most villains, have a tendency to get super cocky and drop in intelligence toward the end, making it all the more satisfying when you kill them.

Yeah, I can’t see that happening, just too silly to be part of the story.

  • He knows she is an experienced handler at an assassination agency (Hence she’s able to give him 47)
  • He works at an assassination agency and acknowledges she’s skilled, why would he use a skilled assassin handler as a nurse?
  • He says the Franchise has a role for her, but then he has her as a personal nurse? That’s not working for the Franchise, that’s working for Alexander Leland Cayne the individual, just like if Cayne hired a cleaner to clean his house, nothing to do with the company
  • If you’re right and she’s the nurse, then back when she ‘killed’ 47, he’s calling her by name (“Diana”), but now all of a sudden in the present he’s calling her “Nurse” as if he doesn’t know her name? It’s not like the journalist would go “omg is that the Diana?!?” 'cause he wouldn’t have heard of her in his life.

Like you said, if all that was true then it means the guy is uncharacteristically stupid all of a sudden after 47 dies, so I’m going to pretend that’s not what happened :sweat_smile:


Uh… And here I am, thinking that 47 just wanted to bang Lei Ling…


That is the true unexplained part of the ending.

That’s precisely it and why it was done. And, it was for the benefit of the players; they didn’t want us to know that the “nurse” was Diana, because that would have spoiled the build-up to the reveal. It makes Cayne look stupid in retrospect, but that wasn’t a concern, since they were going to kill him off anyway and he was clearly an unreliable narrator as is. It was more important that we not know that that was Diana with him all along.

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