Enter the vault (Spoilers)


In the Whittleton Creek mission under the house for sale there is a vault. There appears to be no way to enter it, but I reckon that IOI wouldn’t just put a vault in if there was no way to open it, espeically as there is already a secret door opened by a puzzle in the mission! Anyone got any ideas how to get into it?

Secret safe in "Another life" mission in whittleton Creek. Anyone been inside?

So far I’ve tried detonating a bomb above where the vault shows up on the map (in the garden) and blocking the lazors with a body, but nothing has happened


Where’s the vault, is it in the murder basement?


No in the Schmidt House (the vacant property) there is a vault. It is used in an opportunity to kill Cassidy


Lasse says it’s possible to get in there, but how?? im sure it’s triggered by an easter egg or something


I love all the cool easter eggs the devs always put in Hitman, so as soon as I saw the locked vault, i knew there must be a secret way in!


What I tried so far without success:

  • Using C4 and other explosives on the door and grass above
  • making a NPC set off the laser traps (worth it anyway)
  • Being there when the whole map is alerted by firealarms
  • having all items with me I could find (might still not be all)
  • Entering the Ether lab requires a keycard and a uniform
  • waiting (actually I did other things but seems to be no factor)
  • obtained all Providence intel inclding duplications
  • solved the small bust puzzle in another basement
  • blocking the lasers with sticky mines
  • Turning on everything in the house


I was thinking maybe blocking the lasers with something? Or maybe wearing a certain costume will help


What do we know of the house owner? We should collect all that. Including what he had to do with Cassidy/Janus.


So the hunts have begun. I am sure Lasse and the people at IO are going to have a hoot and a half at this.:smiling_imp:


We know that Frank Schmidt did in the world’s most violent allergic reaction :joy: (actually some sort of poisoning) . Maybe we will get more if we let the actual realtor demonstrate the house.


If you go to the room in the estate agent outfit while showing the guy around, 47 explains in great detail what it looks like happened to him… sounds pretty nasty


Yep he goes over the house the way a serial killer would. He does not know his ABCs and is not getting that Corvette.:joy:


It cracked me up, as it really showed how 47 sees the world. Just in ways to kill. I’d really recomend going to every room during that opportunity because the dialogue is hilarious


I did all but one according to the challenge icon. His description of a living room is like Homers definition of money.:joy:


Yeah I missed one room as well, I’m guessing the garden?


Fuck, I never though of that. Always the last place you think of


I might test if the garden is the one later, theres just so much to do in the game, I don’t want to be repeating stories just yet


True, I spent three hours trying to unlock “Elderly Assistance”. Still don’t know one or two things I need to do to make the old coot happy.


Did you check the attic?