Enter the vault (Spoilers)


I am sure many have done that already.
Diana – “Blowing things up now 47 for EE, that’s new.”


I tried both. Nothing interesting happened for me. I even tried dragging his unconscious body into the safe and locking him in there but I couldn’t get the safe to lock back up.


Not sure if relevant or not, but the map of Cassidy’s main floor has basement stairs on it. Yet I can’t find any stairs.


Probably unrelated, but would do myself if I knew where all the mole holes are - blocking them with the muffins as you can find like +20 of those in the map

Also why is people talking about “the box” in the vault, as there’s two of them right?


lol I dabble in forensics
that was funny, the way 47 said it was just great haahh


In that house that has the passage way to Janus house, is there way inside 1st floor and 2nd?


Regarding that statue has anyone killed the 20(or 25) pigeons in this level? I’ve killed 5 pigeons but cant find more. Also in that room behind the statue on the right side there is a spiderweb that appears and disappears which is weird unless it’s a glitching texture.

Edit I just noticed that my vault door that was previously open is now slightly ajar


I think this has to do with the various demon head statues, 2 of which can be found in Janus’s basement. I think, we need to place the demon heads in the vault come out and then activate the laser grid. Because, when i activated Ansel near the vault, i kinda got a peek of a large demon statue in there.


Wait what there are demon heads in Janus’ house?


He means the busts that you can pick up.


So the cault has an axe and s bird monster statue. That makes for three clues as to what we could try out: birds (pidgeons), statues (both the West one anf the busts in Janus’ house) and axes. Has anyone tried to bury the battle axe in the mole hole where the hatched is burried?


I can just LOL at this.
You are thinking way too much.
Has anyone tried to burry battleaxe in All of the mole jokes and then tried throwing bodies in all manholes. Or tried sabotaging all fire hydrants or killing every npc on the map.


can you just go away if you’re not going to stop shitting on everyone’s ideas? thanks


Why are you here if you don’t wanna theorycraft with us? Half the fun of finding EE’s is creating crazy theories here and letting IO have a laugh.


Ok. But I thought you are thinking too much. You can’t stop me from thinking that. I can’t stop you from thinking about your ideas.


Yeah but thinking too much is kinda the point of these type of threads.


Yes. That’s why I can’t stop thinking that you are thinking way too much. And I am enjoying that. Just because I LOLed at someone doesn’t mean he should get offended. He should just laugh along, maybe a chuckle, and do what he thinks to be done.


It’s the attic, this may have been resolved but not sure.


Anyone tried to go in to the vault in the ceremonial suit? Or maybe smuggle the murderer in there aswell?


If you listen to the whole song in Griswold’s property (the one in the garage) at the end of the song a beak axe appears after a smoke effect.
Could this be the missing piece?