Enter the vault (Spoilers)


ooh, thats super interesting. would be in line with the whole bird theme


Well that rules out one option.


Update: apparently the beak axe makes the skulls in the garage dance, lmao.
Seems to be a completely different EE, so it might not be connected to the statue.


Holy shit this game is just full of 'em… I still say there has to be something regarded to the West statue. Why else would we be able to read it? It’s not like it relates to anything else in the level


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Wouldn’t be a bad idea


Here’s a link if anyone’s interested:


Eh, I kinda dislike discord on mobile but if that’s what you guys want, I’m down


Maybe this could be an EE related to the plague doctor in Sapienza? I remember when 47 took that disguise and walked on streets, some civilian call him “birdman”. And for battle axe, there was another EE which spawned a battle axe in Sapienza church’s basement.


Does anyone know what the two written phrases on the treehouse mean?


I have the exact same feeling. Almost like you are not alone in there…


Maybe you’re not… :wink:


i’m convinced there’s nothing programmed for Cassidy finding the vault open. i tried to lure and trap him in there, the vault door doesn’t close. he just walks in there and says he’ll buy it. completely ignores the giant bird in front of him. and when you get the actual realtor to do it, the vault door closes automatically


The real question is weather the method of opening door and bringing bell is intended.
I don’t think it is.
Also anybody found anything related to Santa fortuna cash stash map I posted?


Wait, you actually get cassidy in the house without the door closing?


Can someone check the item’s ID value number 520, 950 and 980?


I dont know if this is relevant but in the upper empty suite in bankog there is the exact same bird statue.


I totally forgot about that.


If you dont use the agency pick up in the garage in miami there are going to be the same green boxes that can be found in the vault.
Maybe the vault is a secret ageny pick up kinda like the hidden exits.


Hmm, but if that would be the case shouldn’t there be some secret challenge/achievement about it?
Might just be a reused statue for all I know, but I think there’s something else (hopefully not a secret exit).