Enter the vault (Spoilers)


is there anybody named Schmidt in Bangkok


yeah i know im just grasping at straws


For those who still think this has something to do with the vault: it very very likely has not.
Found the same stuff in Final Test.

It is aligned differently, which means some dev on purpose rementions these numbers. Which means they are not meaningless. Also with being in another order, the order seems to not matter at this code.

Easter Eggs in HITMAN

It would seem that the numbers and the vault are two different subjects of discussion (at first glance, until we figure out what both or one of them mean). Has anyone done any puzzle figuring on the numbers? We have this gigantic team working on the vault, but I have yet to see some math-savvy agents working out the numbers. I’ll take a crack at it when I have a moment and report back, I’m just not so amazing in the math department; maybe @Urben can try his hand?


I tried when we were at the vault, but now we have a bigger perspective of it being not level related. Maybe I come up with something but don’t bet on it. :joy:


Multilevel easter egg?


Someone who still has the 2016 game installed might check if these numbers exist there as well in the Final Test. Just to be sure. It is near to the weapon crate on ground level.


Ok. Will check in about 1 hour.


I’m in right now, they do, same exact place.


A thought on this. The tweet from . . . Lasse, was it? That tweet mentions maybe Schmidt was cleverer or something similar. When 47 is talking to Cassidy, if you don’t get 47 to open the door for him, Cassidy goes to the card-swipe thing and says something about homeowners being lazy and specifically that Schmidt wasn’t clever with reference to the swiping (talks about 1234 or backwards) and he opens the vault door. There’s no way of entering a specific code, though. I also don’t think Cassidy opening the vault does anything different. Maybe everyone is grabbing the card and opening the vault without hearing that dialogue. Anyway, the comment from Lasse (?) is surely to do with the dialogue.


How do you get this cigar box? I can feel the controller vibrate like Tomb Raider, have the shovel and am even dressed as the gardener. Some other gardener has spoken to one of the bodyguards. Nothing shows up in Eagle Vision and there is no prompt to indicate “dig here”. Diana’s said something about it, too. I’ll save and reload, maybe? Any other ideas?


In the usual fashion I found it seconds later! You need to be right next to it, really really close.


Well done xD



is it just me or does the freezer in the Schmidt basement give a weird bird noise when you enter it or dump a body there? I tried screwing around with killing people with the beak axe and dumping them but it doesn’t really do anything. Is that noise in all freezers in the game?


yeah i’m pretty sure the freezers make a squeaky noise


How the hell did you found this? :smiley:


Open Garage Door and Ring Door Bell 5 Times to open Vault Door. Although what’s in there still baffles me.


I did this before disabling the security thing on the vault, didn’t do it, then repeated this cycle and it was open. I then tried doing it when Cassidy was down there (same play-through) but it didn’t open again.

Behind the statue there appear to be bullets on the ground and there is one hovering in mid-air.

All rather odd . . .


About the vault EE… I have it open but I’m trying to still figure out if more is to it with that statue… do you guys think maybe something would happen if we get Cassidy inside with the state by causing a distraction after he has his bodyguard Frank check the garden. THEN turn on the lasers to “trap” him? Maybe the statue would come alive and kill him? Lmao I don’t know I’m trying everything it’s driving me nuts! Something more has to be to it…


Nope… nothing…

What if we, wear Janus’ robe, place the beak axe where the regular axe was leaning up against the statue and drag Janus’ body inside? (Dead or alive?) maybe all that in a certain order??? Idk…