Enter the vault (Spoilers)


The garden doesn’t count as a room, although 47 can give a tour there. The attic is included in the room, and Cassidy won’t follow up the ladder.
Still missing 1 room.


I did do the attic, tbh I could easily have just walked past a room and missed it by accident


Well the vault won’t count since that would conclude the tour? Speaking of witch do we have any idea on how to get in there with out freecam. Did IO make easter fake just to troll us?




Just making sure, can never help to get as much intel as possible.


You can showcase the attic from the attic. Cassidy doesnt have to follow. If you hold items, whilst speaking to cassidy, it will cut off and not count


I can confirm it is something inside. But I did not find that out with legit ways so I don’t share what I found out. :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s find out how to get in there the proper way!


Have we tried calling the vault mean names?


Lets try it!

Edit: I hurt the vaults feelings


You’re driving me crazy. I wished that lasse would have said that it is not possible to open it, because now we all a stuck with this riddle. :smile:

Maybe this one ingame challenge is needed, the one about finding all the secret passages in Columbia.


But did it open, did it?


Is Agent Smith inside? Hope so!


Didn’t know! Thanks, will try tomorrow.


Maybe it’s Vinnie Sinistra with his revolver lookin all scared


Bust puzzle? In Janus’ basement? Does it do anything? I couldn’t figure it out.


No different puzzle. The bust puzzle opens the secret passage on Janus’ side of the houses. Put the light busts on the dark plates and the dark busts on the light plates


That makes sense, thank you! (I came in from the passage, which is why it didn’t do anything for me)


Yep it is far easier to go in through the Hanson household


Lasse gave this hint out: https://twitter.com/formanovo/status/1061827169817522177?s=21

Maybe it has something to do with either the 23/05/15 date or the
Number grid that shows up in the treehouse.


I am starting to think these Easter eggs are secret Providence tests on our stupidity or our problem-solving skills.