Enter the vault (Spoilers)


that image isn’t uploaded properly


Maybe, but there is something here. I don’t have my PC Near me RN, but maybe someone should try setting their system date to the date mentioned and try stuff?


Well I am busy doing Uni papers so I really cant. Might try later if nobody has done it.


Thank you. Here’s the direct link: Lasse Hint


I tried changing my console’s date, nothing happened on my end. Maybe someone else can confirm, but the door’s still locked for me.


IDK. There is definitely a way to open it. Ill try testing more tomorrow, I’ve got to sleep now. A disposable scrambler didn’t change anything either.


I did find a TMNT easter eggs in one of the sewer drains


I had a lot of fun writing that scene so very happy to hear you liked it :slight_smile:


You did a great job, that dialogue is my favourite in the game!

‘The kitchen is the second most dangerous room in the home, after the bathroom’.


Yeah, we had a blast recording that whole session with David. Definitely some of the most amusing stuff we’ve done in a long time.


Would you mind giving us a hint as to this vault if you know? Tried everything from blocking all the molehills to putting codes in on the keyboard…


Honestly, I have no idea what Lasse came up with in the end.


Let’s not give up already :joy:


The two ladies sitting on the bench near the statue talk about a story of the statue-man stopping a bank robber stealing from a vault, and the witnesses said they heard the sounds of a bronze ringing bell.


Wouldn’t surprise me if it is another bell ringing Easter egg lol


Something just happened.

Better said - nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

I followed the yellow pipe, coming out of the vault - possibly for air/ water support. I noticed that it enters the area under the little bathroom. I went into the bathroom and inspected the furniture. Then suddenly, while running against the black closet:

25points Door unlocked (+ dramatic music)

47 has never been running so fast down the basement. But sadly. It was still closed.


Ooh I see where this is going to. Schmidt put miles of cables into the village just to hide REDACTED in a silly vault.


That sound like the best theory so far, something to do with ringing bells or the statue


The two women also mention that the statue is hollow and that they can hear sounds, like squirrels or rats, coming from the base.


Take an example from @stinnet, he’s giving the best ideas right now - not like you, torturing us :sweat_smile: