Enter the vault (Spoilers)


Maybe shooting all pigeons? They’re talking about birds?


Doing that atm but I must say the hint Lasse did was not indicating that. Schmidt isn’t clever by releasing cyborg pigeons around the neighborhood.


Or: If you read the info on the statue, it mentioned how he helped all the families in the winter by bringing them wood. Maybe something in connection to this??
I’m not sure if the safe has to be opened in a realistic way e.g. with a switch - or in a unrealistic way e.g. the pigeons?


He used this bell to warn the settlers - so maybe it’s stored somewhere because of it’s importance in history?


I hope it’s Rat Club :rat::rat::rat::rat::rat::spades::heart::diamonds::clubs:


I remember seeing here and there log piles. The one behind a house where exterminators sealed everything, the roof of the pile is marked in instinct. Cannot interact, will try to bomb it. (that’s what I usually do when confused)

Will also keep looking for that driftwood which can be used as large melee and try to give it the statue I shot into the genitals. (bells)

EDIT: bombing did not help, surprise.
EDIT2: The log pile in Janus’ backyard is also marked in instinct.


iIn one of my saves, when I load the save, the approach propane tank in one of the sheds, it explodes. It’s random and not consistent. But when I activate laser in basement that propane tank always blow up. I think this is glitch and not related to EE. But still I am mentioning this for potential clues.
Has anyone tried blocking all mole holes with cakes and balls (you can find 8 or 9 cakes near cake vendor, and balls in backyards) and blowing up the statue?


Same here!
I just stood behind the to women by the statue, listening to them. Suddenly there’s an explosion. It was the propane tank in the shed at Crestwood Drive next to the biggest part of the river.


Is there a way to get Janus to interact with the muffin granny who poisoned Schmidt for him?


There’s a bell in the shed of the Battys residence. If you shoot it, it will make the iconic bell sound. Nothing has changed after shooting it.


Try calling ?


C’mon you know that is just a phone sex hotline.:joy:


Yes. I don’t exactly recall how I did it, but I subdued most of his guards, including the named guard that follows him, during his checkup with the nurse (distract the nurse and throw something at the ducks in the lake). Eventually he left the house and walked over to her house, but I wasn’t there to see what was going on at the time. I got credit towards the “elderly assistance” challenge after he left her house.


Yes thank you now I can complete that damn challenge.


Anyone notice the cannabis joint placement at Batty’s house near the boat? Anytime I place it, it disappears and sometimes it says meaty bone. I was thinking the package, the joint, and batty, maybe he’ll do something?


The bell feels like it should be relivent, if theres just a bell thats not being used for anything else, particually as they have been used in easter eggs before


If you place cupcakes in plate near food vendor stall, the broker samir chandra will eat it. After you feed him 2 cupcakes he will be happy and levae to meet Cassidy. He will show him house and basements and finish the deal. But he says he don’t have keys for the bunker. Also he says if the deal is done then it would not be a problem to provide the keys to bunker.
But after deal is done Cassidy leaves and chandra simply stands in porch of house smoking. Nothing happens. Maybe he goes after some time. But I waited 5 mins and nothing happened. He was still in the porch smoking.


Is there not more than one bell?
Aim outside the map possibly?


Overall I would totally agree with you, but they mentioned a bell in their dialogue - that’s why I pointed it out.


Vault will remember this!