Enter the vault (Spoilers)


This will be like Al Capone’s safe all over again.:roll_eyes: We will open the safe and it will be a few cobwebs and an explosive duck.:joy:


Can we witness any kind of progress? :sweat_smile:

  • I found a bell, maybe the one and only bell, the two women mention in their dialogue. It’s probably just nothing.


Where is that bell located?


When you enter the shed through the door it’s on the right side.


Has anyone tried plugging every mole hill on the map?


I had this happen as well, but I was in the backyard with Cassidy’s guard, followed him to see if where he looks would show anything. Though yeah, still nothing.


This is connected to the propane tank randomly exploding, it opens up the door of the shed. That’s why it says door unlocked, but we still dont know why it’s exploding.


Welcome to the fray. If you can get into the vault, you get to join our HR department.


I’ve tried everything I can think of. I don’t think anyone has found the hatchet on this map yet either. Maybe they’re connected?


Well to find the hatchet I would assume one would have to take a shovel and comb the creekside for another dig site


The buried hatchet? I found it last night. Sorry for the phone pics.


This is not the cigar box right? What is in it?


Cigar box is here, need shovel. It has a note indicating janus will meet the constant soon.

Official Whittleton Creek Trophies and Challenges Help [SPOILERS]

Yes that’s right, found this one too. But what is the hatchet you’re talking about?


Quite literally, a hatchet. A weapon. Like an axe.


I was talking about there buried hatchet, and seeing if you could use it to have an interaction with either the statue or the wood piles around the map that highlight in instinct, like next to batty’s Shed. Maybe them + bell happens?


Oh ok xD Sorry, I’m from germany - didn’t came in my mind.


I found another dig hole, but it just had a can of spaghetti sauce in it.


Es ist ein ‘Beil’, wenn du es nicht wüsstest


There’s a house you can’t enter with a drainpipe you can climb. From the roof you can see a church in the distance but can’t see a bell. It’s the 2nd last house near where Janus’ nurse is talking to the birds if anyone wants to look. The game turns into glitch world if you go too far over the roof.