Enter the vault (Spoilers)


Has anyone who opened the vault given a tour to Cassidy afterwards?

edit: I shot out all the lights, turned on the stove, vacuum, generator, and both tvs, then shot the door bells a few times and it opened. Don’t know what the order is, or if all of that is necessary but it worked. No need to ring any other bells besides the house for sale.

edit edit: Cassidy tour provides no new info even with the vault opened, he just doesnt mention if you can open it for him.


yep I’ve done all of that as well on this save and still nothing :confused:


You have to shoot out the lights even if they aren’t turned on I believe


I don’t think there’s anything in this house I haven’t shot to be honest


did you shoot the light directly as you enter the basement above you? or the one in the corner of the attic? There is also a light on the backporch that is off and one leading from the basement to outside that has light turned off

After I shot all the lights and turned everything on/facets, I emptied a whole ICA clip into the doorbell and it opened


even after doing those and shooting the doorbell 100+ times the vault is still closed. I’m just going to say this is buggy as fuck because I’ve definitely done all of this already and the door opened fine that time


Maybe you need to kill Cassidy with the axe and put him inside the vault for next step?


All you guys are doing is shooting at helicopters. The bells are there for the reason. Shoot them in order.


I’ve found out a consistent way to open it, all you need to do is:
-Open the vault door;
-Open the garage;
-Ring the doorbell at least FIVE times.


this worked, thank you! I guess keeping the garage open was what I was missing :thinking:


Ok and why is this working? Would like to see how this can be found out with reason and not luck.


This is something I’d like to know as well, maybe the codes have to do something with it?


This worked for me, cheers. However, I opened it and went to get Cassidy as the Agent, but when I came back it was closed again. I would’ve thought there’s gonna be another interaction with him. Strange.
EDIT: When he left, I rang the doorbell 5 times again, and it was open. WEIRD


Yeah I’ve noticed that too, seems like there might be a trigger to close the vault whenever Cassidy is in the buildling.


Have you tried getting the agent to go to Cassidy and then hiding in the vault?


This is not the intended way to reveal EE. There must be something different than opening doors and ringing bells.
Also we need to open the box. It is still locked. What is inside the box? It won’t be there without any reason. It’s unique object, and most probable has a way to open.


I did, the vault closed as they came inside. When they left it opened after shooting the red light above it.


Oh I know it’s not the intended way and that I’ve used a brute force method to open it as efficiently as possible (for now).
But at least we are one step closer to figure out the whole mystery about the vault.


I got Cassidy in the vault with it opened, he has no new dialogue.


How did you manage to?
Also, lame.