Enter the vault (Spoilers)


OK the vault doesn’t close if you put the propane flask you can find by the vaccuum cleaner to block the doorway, but nothing happened with Cassidy coming in with the salesman still…


So Cassidy is not needed for the mystery then.


Why is this not the intended way? Why would it open after doing these steps? Isn’t this just step one?


By the way, is it possible that the combination found on the tree house aka

Are three different steps to take in order to solve the EE?


Yes. Yo are right.
As this EE is revealed and vault is opened, I think the dialogues of NPCs near the statue are totally unrelated to this EE. There is possibility of different EE involving statue, noised mole by rodents, mole holes, bell in batty garage etc.
I bet here is some EE related to it.


Because we don’t know why you need to ring the doorbell at least 5 times and open the garage, only that it works.
I do think thou that a doorbell might be necessary in the theoretical tree step plan I’ve proposed, meaning the 5 rings might make sense, but what about ‘20’?


I’d say that is the intended way, but just part of it.


The women mentioned that the people heard the bell when the door closed. If we’re talking about the door bell, it’s only possible for the people outside to hear it - if the garage door is open.


Hmm, that might be it…
But then what about the numbers, are they just a red herring or used for something else



How many houses is there in total?


I don’t think this is related, but there’s 17


How many molehills are there on the map? Might be 20.


When I lured Cassidy into the safe and activated the laser traps, he turned around and said “You know what. Nevermind.I don’t think I want to buy this place after all.”

He then suicided. Or not when you deactivate it quick enough.


That seems like new dialogue.


Wasnt able to replicate what @Urben reported. But the safe door ended up closing on me while I was in it. Pretty sure it’s just a bug though. It only closed about halfway, but enough to trap me inside.


What do we know about Schmidt so far?
By the way, what’s Betty’s house number?


So we have a weird statue with an Axe.
I wonder if it has anything to do with the statue of West or the burried hatched? I tried bringing the hatched to the vault and the battle axe to West but nothing. Could there be a hint in the description of West?


Someone noticed the bullet behind the statue? Seems like you can shoot it but it doesn’t seem to do anything.


I’ve also noticed there are some bullets near the chest but I don’t know if they have any use.


has anyone killed Cassidy and dragged him into the vault? Did anyone try to open the strange box by blowing the house’spropane flask?