Epic Games Store


What are your thoughts on the epic games store?

Personally I think they are out of their depth. They created fortnite which was obviously very successful. I played their previous games years ago and I enjoyed them thoroughly but fortnite took a u turn and appealed to all the little kids with money to spend. It appears that they sold out and are using scummy tactics on their store. (No reviews, no refunds etc). Are they ever going to contend with steam? Not a chance. But what annoys me is that they keep using their fortnite money to buy up big titles like:

The Division 2
Metro Exodus
Borderlands 3

I will never use epic games store out of self respect. But what are your opinions?



As a console gamer who only have Microsoft Store (I know there’s other sites too) for buying games I don’t care. However, they take less comission than Steam so I can understand why devs using it.



Also a console player, but even I get bad vibes about it. Seems like they’ve got a long way to go to win people’s confidence.



Everything Epic Games touches turns into a disaster. It’s like the ebola virus.

Focused on little kids, and scamming you in the process.



I don’t mind it challenges the status quo and the fact that the Developers take a bigger cut of the sales. But i’m sure as hell not going to install it or buy games that are exclusive to Epic Game Store. I hate the fact that I need both Origin and Uplay to play certain titles. I don’t want another damn game launcher, with a new set of login details.

Metro: Exodus was the game I was looking forward to the most this year, but since Deep Silver decided to pull the game from steam 2 weeks before launch and make it a yearly exclusive on another platform, I have decided not to buy it before it’s back on Steam.

I hope that Epic Game store crashes and burns, that it never really becomes a big rival to steam. But Steam needs the competition, it have become lazy and full of crappy games. I hope that this will give us a better version of Steam down the line.

Then on top of that comes all the security issue with Epic Game store and a lot of other shitty things. I fear that IO might switch to Epic Game store down the line, I would understand their reason to do so. That would probably be the only reason for me to install it. But I hope they don’t.



The exclusive deals suck. Randy Pitchfork’s tweet about it sucks because Brandy Glitchpork sucks.
I’ll gladly wait for Metro and other games coming to Steam. It’s not like my PoS is big as it is.

I won’t buy anything on the Epic Store which means I probably will never be able to play Satisfactory. I don’t have anything against uPlay or Origin because it’s the publisher’s own games. That’s fine, I use Origin for EA Games and uPlay for Games I bought through Steam.

I won’t buy into Epic’s exclusivity scam though. I could care less about what a developer makes, unless it’s IO to be honest.



I had Epic store installed, before it even was epic store. Back then it was Unreal Tournament 4 launcher(?)

And I wanted to try out UT4 as their UE4 engine impressed me few years bacl. I’ve fogotten all about it to be honest untill the whole Metro situation. So I launched it, looked if the price really is 10 less than it would have been on steam which would be 59,99 €, but no It was just FOR THE USA deal, so as somebody who always pays 60, but not dollars but EURO, because why not pay more when living standard here is 3x worse, right?, there was not even that cheaper deal thing, they were defending their desition with.

Epic store of course had Metro for 59,99€. So I was deciding prettymuch to wait for steam version.

And then the arogant butthurt dev wrote that shit he wrote. I purchased both Metros, And then I purchased both of them again as redux versions, I also bought and read the books. And here comes some f***face telling me I’m not a real fan, if I don’t like EPIC store? Well that was it for me.

From “I will purchase once it gets on steam” it got to “I will purchase when on steam heavily discounted”

So yea Epic store is bullshit, The devs shilling for them are also assholes. “choice” it is when it is both on steam and Epic, Exclusivity on the other hand is manipulation, pressure, tricks, them thinking you are stupid.

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this isn’t even a bad thing, steam reviews are fucking pathetic and constantly brigaded by manchildren

EGS takes a 12% cut while Steam takes a 30% cut, that’s a huge difference. EGS is just starting out so while it’s lacking in features I have no doubt that soon enough it’ll have everything people are asking for, but people will still complain because of the unending gamer circlejerk. EGS is way fairer to developers than Steam, and I’m happy for the devs that chose to sell their game there despite all the truly sad outrage from brave gamers

and some metro last light reviews



But nothing that has to concern me as a consumer. I don’t care what cut whoever takes or gets or whatnot.

I want to buy the game where I want to buy it. If it’s not possible to buy the game in a specific store I won’t play it. I won’t even pirate it because that would be a dick move towards the developer. Not buying it sends a better message than saying “Yeah, I’m gonna pirate the game because you want more money”.



I first registered Epic Store, when they’ve been giving away Subnautica for free (i guess i don’t have enough of younger folks in my bubble to know about Fortnite, lol), so i looked into trying it, but after reading a bit about it, i thought it’s not worth it and filtered them out. Then that Metro Exodus thing blew up, i was looking forward to that game, but some of the nasty, douchy communication from devs and Epic left a bitter taste and i just thought - i got time, i can wait a year, don’t need this.

I’m all for lighting a fire under Steam’s ass, don’t care about reviews, community hub and stuff like that, as the’re trashfire anyway, but i’m also too paranoid (and lazy) to put my payment info into something, that’s still in the oven, not properly proven to be baked and ready. So i’m just gonna wait it out, till it calms down and then see.

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maybe it doesn’t concern you but that doesn’t mean EGS deserves all the shit it’s getting for offering developers a fairer store to sell their game through. I continue to use Spotify even though it’s unfair to artists but that doesn’t mean I call other services like Apple or Tidal (no idea how fair they are to artists) a scam for giving artists more of the money that should be going to them



Personally i don’t like Epic Games Store, or Origin or Uplay.

There is one PC platform for me ans it’s Steam.
That’s the best place and the place to be on PC.

I don’t understand how they’re getting those amazing PC exclusives like The Division or Quantic Dream games (Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit), guess i’ll have to wait before buying them.



Fear not, those awaiting Cyberpunk 2077




I buy all my PC games on GOG.
If they’re not on GOG, they’re not worth playing.

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It’s getting shit because it takes games and makes them exclusive for their platform even though they didn’t even finance them.

That’s the only thing that bothers me. Time-exclusives are fine.



it’s not like they steal the games, the developers choose to have them sold there for a very good reason. all EGS is doing is offering a fairer alternative for developers

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I hope you did same protest for PS4 or Microsoft Exclusives.



Hitman 2 isnt on gog



I play that on Xbox :smiley:



Sure. The publisher went “Oh, yeah, we’re gonna pull our game from Steam and refund all pre-orders because our share on the Epic store is higher”.
That’s pretty naive if you don’t mind me saying. Epic probably told them something like this “If you put your game in our store we guarantee you X amount of sold copies. If you don’t sell this amount of copies, we will compensate you by giving you as much money as you would have when those copies where sold”.

There has to be something, y’know, besides “we get more money”.
Screwing over customers who already pre-ordered your game on another platform just to jump ship is bad form.

No, why would I?
The only exclusive that comes to mind that is in the same ballpark was Rise of the Tomb Raider. And we know how that went. :wink:
To me it’s different because on a console I can only buy games from Sony or Microsoft (or Nintendo), if I buy them digitally. (Okay, I can go to key resellers…)
On PC it’s always been the “I can choose where I buy my games”, now they tell me I can only play some games on this platform even though it’s not an Epic game? I don’t like that.
As I said (I hope) I have no problem with EA putting their games on Origin or Ubisoft putting their games on Uplay. The only reason Ubisoft is putting their games on the Epic store is because if people don’t want to buy them on the Epic store, they’ll buy them on Uplay which means that Ubisoft will get 100 percent of the sales price.
It’s clever to be honest.

I can live with Epic having a store, because ‘competition stimulates business’, and I don’t mind time exclusives.
I hate exclusives because of shady stuff. If Epic puts games on it’s store it helped finance. Fine by me. Buying loyalty is toxic though. But in the end, I could care less. Writing about it is fun though.