Epic Rap Battles of History

Just in case anyone is unfamiliar with the work of EpicLloyd and NicePeter…



I like this one:

Did somebody say “birthmarks”?


New one put up today…

I think Julia Child won that one. :smiley:


Not Epic Rap Battles of History, but this is my favorite.


Rhett and Link are the best, do you watch Good Mythical Morning? They’ve been in a few ERB vids too.

Also, check out Princess Rap Battles. I thought they would suck, but the lyrics are almost as clever as ERB.

Man, i love Lecter vs Jack the Ripper and Robocop vs Terminator :slight_smile: .

robocop is my favorite one

I watch good mythical morning sometimes but not every day.

I was not keen on Dan Bull as Jack the Ripper when I first heard it, but he’s grown on me over time (like athletes foot). He did do a Hitman rap, I guess.

Zeus vs Thor is my personal favorite.

i have to watch GMM before starting my day ahahahah

I’ll post my absolute favourites!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXBJIZ1NXFU “In fact i own this whole series!” that was pure gold hahaha

I know that’s a lot of favourites but their stuff is just too good to name just a few!


i love the myth busters and walter white one, i actually have a whole playlist on spotify of ERB

Oh and how could I forget the classic Vader vs Hitler trilogy :slight_smile:

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haha yea, heard them the most, hitlers lines are so dirty hahah

Shouldn’t this whole topic be merged with the funny videos thread?

We’re not discussing humorous cat videos here Pedro, these are EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!

Some of my favs (that others have not already posted)…

Has anyone ever submitted an idea on the ERB website? I recently posted;

James Bond vs Jason Bourne

Count Dracula vs Blade

And I previously submitted Gordon Ramsay vs Nigella Lawson, which I would like to believe is partly/indirectly responsible for the Ramsay vs Child grudge match.

Ooh, how about Margaret Thatcher vs Bill Clinton? :smiley:

New video

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Hmmm… weakest battle in season 5 so far. :expressionless: