Epic validation failed 1080-0

I got the 1041 error at first so I changed my default browser. Now I get Epic validation failed 1080-0 whenever I try to open the game. I got my game from green man gaming, checked if my country was set to the right one(which it was), reinstalled twice, verified my game file but nothing works. I can’t believe this error wasn’t even in this forum.

Maybe this is the issue.
I would recommend to use official stores, not some three-party ones.

However it’s better to address directly to your store (or/and Epic Store) for information

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Very stupid problem from my end…I think this is a region specific thing? So I verified my ID and voila! Works like a charm. If your region’s Epic Games requires you to verify your ID do it so you don’t look stupid like me.

Good to know you’ve solved the problem.
Can you leave some kind of a guide for those who happen to face same problem how to verify the ID?

Enjoy the game now

Like I said, I think it’s a region specific requirement because of the country’s law or something. Where I’m living in, Epic wants me to properly verify who I am before purchasing games. If your Epic doesn’t make you do this it won’t be a problem.

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Thanks for helping btw.

I have exactly same issue “1080-0”.
In my case, I had changed country setting, and then “1080-0 failure” was appeared.
I mailed to epic store to check my country setting. but It haven’t corrected.