Epic video game trailers ever made

Post here the best video game trailers you have seen.

I’ll start off with a few that come to mind.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

The Elder Scrolls Online - The Alliances

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

James Bond 007: Blood Stone


Blood stone… Urgh. Most broken Bond game for sure.

Most broken? No idea what you are talking about. Maybe I didn’t explore too much tbh. I had a blast playing it to completion once upon a time.


The single player was fine. The online however was a broken mess that, despite many people complained about, was never fixed. The medals was the main issue, not calculating when you achieved the required task. I remember it was 00 Status medals specifically where you had to get like 15 kills over a certain distance, and 10 pistol kills and then grenade kills all in a single round. Never counted, only rarely did it work.

Must have done over 150 challenges for the online, all 50/50 chance of it registering. After I legit attempted it about 10 times, making a checklist to clarify I did them, it didn’t work. To the point I boosted it on purpose to see, and still nothing.

Fallout 4s E3 trailer got me extremely hyped for the game. Despite all the hate it gets, I still really like it and it still gives me the chills when ever I watch it.

The Witcher 3 E3 trailer got me hyped. I just love the music in the game, probably my favorite trailer for the game. Still haven’t played the DLC though, but I finished the game after about 100 hours. It is a must play if you like RPGs.


The one that came instantly to mind is the original Dead Island trailer.


Thankfully i didn’t buy into this at first, but curiosity got the best of me. Best example of trailers producing too much hype.

My absolute favorite trailer for the phantom pain. Again may have been too overhyped for what we ended up with.


I know gta v gets alot of flak here but i loved the gta v announcement trailer. It came out of nowhere and for me excited.

Also loved the trevor trailer.


The beginning of the GTA V announcement trailer gives me the chills when ever I watch it. Micheal was my favorite character out of the 3, lets hope RDR2 is as good as GTAV. (I really liked GTAV, seems to be an unpopular opinion on here).


I love gta v too but i can see why it’s not everyones cup of tea.
As for red dead, it’s still too early to tell. The trailer was nice and all but it didn’t exactly hype me up.

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Yeah the world from the trailer looks very great and pretty, but I am really concerned about the online mode for it. IMO, the GTA online mode was utter shit, and it really sucks that Rockstar never added single player DLC like they did for GTAIV. I just want them to focus on single player, hopefully not just trying to make the online a pay to win. Also the animals in GTA V were fun to hunt, so hopefully they have that kind of wild life in RDR2.

This is my personal favorite, nothing comes close (except maybe Fallout 4).

Hard to believe Halo 3 is turning 10 years old this year.


I despise CG trailers. “Hey, let’s misrepresent our game and refrain from showing gameplay, animations, graphics and flaws. Let’s instead create a motion captured CG garbage commercial with cliche jumping and fighting and crap, that DOES NOT represent our gameplay or visuals”

No, this is fucking genius right here.


That’s very true. Except the Counter Strike: Global Offensive trailer, which accurately captures and portrays everything that can be done in-game, I haven’t come across one which shows actual representation of in-game elements.

Also, love the intro to the New Vegas one.


The CSGO trailer was made entirely ingame. (Source Filmmaker). It’s not CG.

Hitman 2 Jacuzzi Job mission trailer.

Hitman Contracts Trailer with that fat asthmatic guy :slight_smile: