Episode 6: Hokkaido game content is not available

hey everyone,

episode 6: hokkaido is not on the disc, but it should be part of the game.

why is episode 6: hokkaido not available in the playstation store?
the fault indication says the content is no longer available or not yet available in the main menu of the game.

when i search after episode 6: hokkaido in the playstation store, it doesnt even display the hokkaido game content.
i would really appreciate if the hokkaido game content would be available for the download again.

how can i get access to episode 6 from hitman definitive edition on ps4?

Can anyone help me out?

Having the exact same problem. If you found a solution please write it here as i am eager to finish this awesome game!

Good you like the game, but making multiple topics about the same thing isn’t really helpful. Please check arou the forum and always only make 1 thread please. The solution is out there I think.

Haven’t started any thread, just posted a question in two threads about the same problem, dont think that constitutes as having started a thread? But hey not annoyed but yeah probably the solution will pop up in a week or two, but as stated, the frustration of already having payed for it is… well plz just find a solution i guess. This is probably why hitman 2 isn’t divided up in episodes.

The same issue occurred with Colorado, maybe check that out! Also, I am just doing my duty as a regular😁

You said u have the save problem, did u find the solution with Colorado? Yeah of course, this forum is very good actually, probably by regulars being helpful and such. But its not me who is starting different threads so don’t know why you said it to me and not the guys who is doing it :slight_smile:

I had the same issue! For me, I had already entered the code that came with the disc (if you haven’t done that, do that first), but it hadn’t actually downloaded all the content. I couldn’t find the content directly on the playstation store, but did find it when I went to Playstation Store --> Library --> Hitman --> Add-ons --> Your Add-Ons

There it showed that I had access to 3 downloads (Hokkaido, Summer bonus episode and Skins) but it had only auto-downloaded the skins for me. I clicked the download link for the other two, and they are now downloading.

Hope that helps!

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