Episode locked, unable to access

@Travis_IOI specifically but anyone who may be able to help - I can’t access the Marrakesh episode. I have the complete first season on retail disc AND the GOTY content (so I can see and access the Patient Zero campaign) and have confirmed multiple times that the episode is installed. But the menu still shows “Get Access” and the current ET is locked as well. I have every other episode available which were all installed from the retail disc and can confirm that all the others work. Majorly confused at this point

If you’re on PS4, try restoring your license. That’s about all I csn think of right now. @Travis_IOI may help you though.

Nope I’m team XBOX - have been almost my entire gaming life. Thanks for trying though.

I’ve never heard of this. Perhaps you can look at My Games and Apps and see what is installed there? Perhaps it’s listed as ‘ready to install’?

Apologies for the late reply but it seemed to be a temporary glitch of some kind that cleared on its own and I was eventually able to access the content AND eventually managed to SA The Gunrunner so I’m happy…

@Travis_IOI I have no idea what is happening but I now dont have access to any of the main episodes, the summer bonus episode or any of the GOTY content. Nothing has changed on my console or in my internet config. I had a few problems getting connected in the last few minutes but I eventually got connected to the server. All the content IS installed on my console - Hitman’s menu however shows get access on everything except Paris and ICA Facility.

EDIT: I have just put the retail disc in the drive and the affected content immediately works. My question now is why would that content only work with the retail disc in the drive?

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Because if you didn’t need the disc what would stop people from giving their friends their copy just to install the stuff and then so on.
If you meant why do you need the retail disc to play the GOTY content, it’s because when you have the retail disc you purchase the UPGRADE for GOTY not the content alone. That’s all I can think of.

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I get that for the content (Sapienza and subsequent episodes and the GOTY campaign) that I didn’t previously have but when the intro pack content (which I had acquired prior to GOTY being announced) is locked behind that requirement AND the Summer Bonus Episode (which I had purchased and installed prior to GOTY being announced) thats what I don’t get.