Error: Failed to fetch configuration from the Hitman 2 server


So… suddenly, since yesterday, I have this problem when I start the game. I didn’t have problems the previous 30 hours I played. Thing is, I don’t see anything in the forums, in twitter, or in reddit about a server outage or server maintenance, people are playing as usual? Except me, that’s it.

Can any IO employee clarify is is a server problem?


Were you trying to connect/retrieve data from server again?
For me it works when it says error and I just trying again


At this point I tried several times, both yesterday and today.

The game is allowed in the Windows firewall, too. Hell, two days ago I just started Mumbai…


By the way, current status of Hitman servers and forum status you can check via

As for for the problem, I don’t see the reason from my chapel.
@Clemens_IOI @Travis_IOI may help

UPD: If you’re on PC, try to close the Steam client entirely and log in again.
Sometimes it helps


I restarted the computer, didn’t help :P. It could be some problem from my ISP, although the rest of internet works fine. Restarting the router also didn’t help.

Using the network monitor from Windows, I saw hitman2 trying to communicate with ip, but it only sent/receive 300 bytes or so, so I have the feeling that’s the connection which isn’t working as it should. I tried to ping but received no response, but they could just deactived the ping to that server, it isn’t evidence of anything.


And it just fixed itself. Good work nameless IO employee!