Error Logging into forum w/ FB

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On my main browser at home, I assume I’m still logged in thanks to cookies (maybe?). But when I’m at work and on the computer there, I try to Log-in after I’m logged into Facebook, and I get the above message in the pop-up window.

I even tried it here at home, opening another browser where I’m not usually logged in into FB… So, that’s how I was able to copy/paste that message to make this topic.

Anyway, any guess as to why it’s doing that?

Also, would there be an alternate way to log-in? Like signing up for the forum like normal (without associating it to my FB account), then… I dunno. I wouldn’t want to have to make a duplicate account…

As a general cookie blocker who has to log in after every reboot, yeah, this is what keeps you logged in.

You could try to log in with your facebook email but this is a shot into the blue. You find it in your FB profile or settings, dont remember.

You are better off if you make an individual account on every site so you dont have to rely on some single “services”.

Alrighty! I switched to ingocnito mode in my browser, put my username in to log in, but then clicked on ‘I Forgot My Password’, then a p.w. reset was sent to my email. So now I can log into here without using my FB account. :sunglasses:

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Moved to meta. I’m assuming this is already solved anyway?

Meta? Eh, yeah. It’s solved. :slightly_smiling_face: