Escalation - The BigMooney Flamboyancy!


2019’s first Escalation releases tomorrow 12 PM UTC.

This has been created by Big Mooney, one of our awesome community members.

Get ready for The BigMooney Flamboyancy!


I have a feeling this is gonna be Great.


It is an escalation at the end of the day, so I’d say manage your expectations. Just to be safe.


Wonder if he is going to play it himself :smile:


It’s live now, this is the first level:

Too bad this escalation doesn’t require you to kill every NPC in the mission :confused:


Where can you get the battle axe?


Kronshitdt gym on the upper floor


I’m guessing the briefcase makes this much less difficult than the Kotti Paradigm once was, but I like battle axe missions. They’re always a puzzle.


Inside the gym, on the corner of the wall closest to the first target, the axe is hidden behind some gym object


Iirc the only Axe-like weapon you can put into the briefcase is the hatchet.


Im gonna have issues with this one, lol


It’s easy in fact


Dammit, the game crashed twice on me when subduing and/or killing the NPC investigating fuse box :frowning:


Really? I think level 3 is hard as fxxk! It’s quite a good escalation!




In case you or anyone (@jimmylilyjohn) happens to need some help and/or inspiration or anything, I made a Silent Assassin, Mascot Only walkthrough of Level 3 (which also applies to level 1 and 2) :slight_smile: Consider it a mix between @misterkiller’s and @Hardware’s runs Neither the most efficient nor best strategy to do this contract, as evident by 3 times as fast times, but I think it’s rather reliable and easy to pull off. You’ll need any kind of remote explosive or unsilinced shotgun, lockpick, coin and Stands starting locations (or getting the mascot other way).


i just realized the first target in this escalation is named “Levi Akerman”


Well, I’m officially out of ideas. This will have to do. Didn’t even get close to Forthe’s time but I did improve my first time by over 10 seconds. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Bigmooney Flamboyancy LV3 (2:46)

Does anyone happen to know if there’s a Mascot costume on-map? I never could find one on the normal mission map, but for Escalations there are sometimes extra costumes added in strategic locations (such as the Exterminator in the Bangkok basement one, or the Masseur in the no-knockouts Marrakesh one). I checked everywhere inside the Kronstadt Center itself and couldn’t locate any, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one hidden away somewhere. I’d like to do a default start no knockouts run if possible (and I think it is possible), but if there isn’t a Mascot costume on-map I’d either have to KO somebody or start Mascot instead of default start, which would be less fun. Let me know if you guys find anything.


Not the fastest, but rather reliable strategy. I decided to try to start as Kronstadt engineer, prepare everything for liquidation and only then go down to disguise the talisman.