Escalation - The BigMooney Flamboyancy!


The initial idea for this had to be forcing people to discover the secret flamingo exit, right?

I’m enjoying how all the escalations so far have been really fun to play messy. And I assume they are partly designed with this in mind. This one especially since it’s BigMooney’s. This one also seems fun to play SA, which I think the previous two were slightly lacking.

I’m a little surprised that dragging Antoine’s body into the bathroom and shooting it with a shotgun doesn’t effectively muffle the blast. I thought that loud sound didn’t propagate through more than two rooms. Maybe the open window in the outer bathroom area doesn’t count as a wall.


“The Big Mooney Flamboyancy” SA


How does this fair to the one we got in Colombia? Better or worse?


That’s exactly why, in addition to there being an open door into Antoine’s office. The sound is propagating through the window and then back through the open door. I can prove it, too: Go set off a concussion explosion in Antoine’s bathroom, or throw a coin in the sink area. In the former case, no one notices anything, because concussion blasts do not propagate past one door. In the latter, someone outside will hear the coin and come inside. So that window is not a sound blocking plane (though some open windows/doors are).


I think this one is better. Level 2 adds more targets and Level 3 adds the Rapid Elimination complication. While Level 2 and 3 are still very similar, I had to change my strategy a bit. Unlike the previous escalation where my strategies Level 2 and 3 were exactly the same.

There’s also a new complication in all levels that prevent you from changing your disguise again after you put on the disguises required for killing your targets. I don’t think it made this particular one more difficulty, but it’s something I’m looking forward to see again in future escalations.


Here’s my offering for level 3. Apart from the long hike up to where the action took place I thought that BigMooney did a great job on this one. I hope that IOI continue with the idea of letting community players design escalations from time to time.

The BigMooney Flamboyancy Level 3 (2.48)


I found a way to muffle the blast 100% by accident. Posting it soon.


He is. He announced it at the end of his best of 2018 video


Is the target’s name an Attack on Titan reference?


I enjoyed this escalation. Good job, BigMooney.



Shite. (20 times beaten to the mark by a block of party food)


No speedrun here. Just had fun getting SA on this one.


I thought this was a tough one.

Under 10,000 0/5 (my leaderboard score not my view of the escalation)


Well, unlike an ET, you can try again! Go for it! I actually had fun with this one.


I generally don’t attempt SA on escalations. But I’m only three challenges from 100% for the whole game, so I might start.


Awesome! cant wait :smiley:



Not so much puzzle if you already know suit only route.
The only challenge is to seperate targets from npcs and hiding bodies well.


Was thinking the same thing, but could not find a spare disguise anywhere