Escalation - The BigMooney Flamboyancy!


Munga noted last night that they normally do that for disguises that you can’t start as, so it may be that they didn’t bother to put a Mascot costume on-map because it’s available as a starting outfit and there isn’t a No Pacifications rule. Sucks, but it’s not a big deal to just start Mascot.


Except for the fact that you’ve got to “swim” through a crowd of people to get out of that area. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Excuse me… Move aside… Sorry! Move, people… Go…

suddenly suspicious


Level 3

INew Complication added
IO hates you: Every crowd NPC has been replaced with a Kronstadt Bodyguard who acts as stalker.


Maybe there’s one hidden in the race area, but I doubt it.


Oh no, dont give them any ideas like the stalker again haha. I never managed to get SA once and didnt even complete the 3rd or 4th level


It was one of the most boring and riddiclous escalation what i ever play in Hitman. I was so happy that they change approach to escalation in Hitman 2 - all three previous Escalations - one in Isle of Sgail and two in Santa Fortuna, was so perfecly done and well fit to game atmosphere. All these tree escalation was very consistent and have good gameplay value (even they wasn’t hard at all).

I don’t like that idea to give popular YouTubers to create an escalations because only thing what they care is more clickbaits. No offence for the BigMooney I don’t expect that a guy who created “Kill Everyone challenge” will create a something creative and good. That is a IOI’s fault.

The worst thing in H1 escalations was that they were abstract and riddiclous (mines etc). And i hoped they won’t bring back that kind of ideas to H2. My excitement was premature lol.

And second thing - that escalation didn’t have any new idea. Old Burger. Something similar was many times in escalations in H1. Sersiously - a flamingo killing people with Battle Axe and Shotgun? I don’t think that is so hard to make good gameplay value combined with good atmosphere.

IOI please don’t make mistakes this kind next time. More frustration than fun.


What do you like to see in an escalation? I mean in detail?


There is many little stories in game which are perfect opportinuty to make good escalations. That with Hector Delgado was one of best examples.

For example that Flamingo. Do you remember scene from Scarface, when one of Tony’s Montana men was killed with Chainsaw in bathroom in one of Miami’s Hostels? I think this is good idea to create escalation with Flamingo in this place combine “hes” story with eastereeg from Scarface - which have similar scene. Create escalations around ideas and stories what are alerdy in game. And what is connection with Flamingo Outfit, Battle Axe, Shotgun and Kronstad scientists? None at all.


Amen. i hate bullshit like that, especially when YouTubers and Influencers get lots of special items and Editions of a Game for free, just for beeing “famous“.


Well Obama is famous and did not get it for free :stuck_out_tongue: I suspect WB expects them to post viral content as free marketing this way.


Example - idea around little story with Flaming and Meeting with Siera Knox.

  1. Kill Flamingo and get Cocaine Brick from Hector
  2. Same as step 1 + trigger appoitment with Sierra Knox (by giving cocaine brick to guard) subdue all Guards with Shovell at Hotel (in Flammingo Outfit) before Sierra Knox arrive at place.
  3. Same as step 1 and 2 + Kill Sierra in Flammingo Outfit.


You mean ‘she’ right?


and that is why you cant trust anyone in Gamesmedia. Did you know that the Influencers for Fallout 76 got the real, advertised Canvas Bag, while People who pre-ordered and actualy paid for it got a rubbish Nylonbag?
i hate shit like that.

Edit: i stop derailing the thread now, i promise



This escalation was infinitely better than the first 3, which were extremely boring and just plain trash.

Escalations are all about GAMEPLAY, and the devs toying around with new mechanics/make challenging hits. Story and atmosphere are literally not important in the slightest in escalation mode, as escalation mode is the playground for devs and the mechanics of the game.

This was the first good one, which also had all the starting locations available.

If IO is smart, they will continue with these types of escalation, and never fall back to the extremely boring and linear escalations we had at the start that only catered to the new players.

Also, including the community into creating these escalations is a great idea, it’s called co-creation and results into the playerbase being more connected with IO. Plus that the players are in general better at creating good contracts than the devs, we could see this clearly in the featured contracts batches: the ones picked by a curator from the communith were infinitely better.

Keep it up IO, this last escalation should be your minimum standard, not the garbage escalations that came before it.


“garbage” lol Maybe for speedrunners who are minority of community.

Of course, i agree but why don’t combine gameplay vaules with atmosphere? Is there any reason for not doing that? I don’t like stupid ideas like Kill one target with Bazzoka as Flamingo, Second with Battle Axe as Pale Rider and third subdue with cheesburger - do all without trigger any mines on ground. Probably most of peole will want to complete this asap and don’t replay that anymore. There isn’t any gameplay value in this - this is just silly abstract idea which gives more frustration than fun.

There is many opportunities in game with all these small stories which can be great background for many escalations.


It can work out both ways. I try to give my contracts good briefings. But note Escalations have no briefings, so you can only hint on your idea within a cryptic title. Escalations are indeed gameplay focused.


Escalation is a pure arcade and gameplay focused mode for all players.


Roleplayers are an even smaller minority than speedrunners. There is only one majority: people who just casually play for fun. And unlike roleplayers, speedrunners actually add and give a lot to the community, and even to IO.

Yes, because escalation are PURE gameplay, that is the whole intention. You can find and enjoy atmospheric missions in the main missions.

Then go play the main missions.

Completely false. The entire premise of escalations is pure gameplay, which automatically means there is a lot of gameplay value. And unlike the first 3 garbage escalations, this one actually had replayability. And also: people who are actually atleast somewhat decent find a lot of fun in these purely gameplay escalations.

Nope, does not belong in escalations, because again: its about pure gameplay.


Roleplayers are an even smaller minority than speedrunners.

You don’t know that. Fact.

I understand that Escalations are gameplay focused, but still… there isn’t any good reason for not combine that with cool atmosphere. Escalations need to be a challenge, but no one said it should be also riddiclous abstract.

Anyway that discusion is pointless because i think you can’t even try understand my point, where i understand yours. It’s all about compromise - nothing all. My point of view don’t interfere with arcade idea of escalations.


That is exactly what they are suppose to be: pure gameplay with a focus on the game’s mechanics and weapons. Sticky pistol, rapid elimination streak, silly outfit + weapon combos etc etc are all prime examples of what escalations stand for: pure gameplay, everything else has no place in escalations.

What is a fact is that roleplayers are also a minority. But unlike roleplayers, speedrunners actually contribute a lot to the community.

Yes it does when you don’t want:

That inferes directly with what escalations are in its purest form