Escalation - The BigMooney Flamboyancy!


That is exactly what they are suppose to be: pure gameplay with a focus on the game’s mechanics and weapons.

Anyway that discusion is pointless because i think you can’t even try understand my point, where i understand yours. It’s all about compromise - nothing all. My point of view don’t interfere with arcade idea of escalations.

Don’t have nothing more to add. I think it’s all about that you need to have final word.


I understand your point just fine, what you fail to understand is that stuff has no place whatsoever in escalations, it goes against their very nature.

But i undestand you don’t have anything to add besides that, as you can’t really counter the points above anyway


Thanks, still haven’t attempted it yet but glad its a little more challenging, also so glad they removed the 5 levels to an escalation is was always to much!


Personally I liked the first and the current escalations the most, because each level added something new. The idea behind the third escalation was good, but the second and third level were basically the same. The second escalation was the weakest one in my book. Subduing five people with a fish and then doing the same thing again except it’s now ten people wasn’t that exciting.But to each their own, I guess.


Aside from the dude in the garage area, no. No bagged costume that I have ever seen.


Folks having difficulty with this mission due to the 30 sec. timer, just knock all the targets out and then do the kills. Much easier.


Noob question! Are escalations time limited?




That’s how I’ve been dealing with Escalations that have a kill streak complication since the beginning. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:I’m surprised that they haven’t made one yet, where you can’t subdue anyone. Or maybe they did and I’ve forgotten about it.


I’m certain that’s coming soon!


well don’t give them ideas, jesus!


Timer starts once you’ve pacified a target :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Bigmooneys take on the escalation


That was a fun livestream.

Thanks @Clemens_IOI for the shout out!

“Practice, explore and don’t fear failure”


Stop bullying me please


It’s a great quote mate! :smiley:


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If you have legacy, I find the Bangkok escalation with the chefs to be a pretty easy silent assassin.