Escalation The Treasonous Mimicry


There’s just something about it that I just love, the American suburb setting !


I enjoyed this one.

The Treasonous Mimicry - Level 3 (1.47)


14:54 Level 1
18:39 Level 2
28:02 Level 3

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Regarding killing the other mechanic, as Agent.Smith writes, although a distraction to move him away also works, you don’t have to spend time knocking him out (I didn’t).


nice one (adding characters)


nice one

adding characters


Retarded logic of hitman 2:

  • Electrocution, not an accident

  • A generator being turned on causing a gas cylinder to explode, not an accident

  • a gas flask that explodes because of an incindiery catalyzer, an accident

You couldn’t make-up more retarded logic.


Both of these are false. Are you, in fact, the one that’s retarded?


As mentioned above in a reply to my post, the problem with killing the first target with the generator is that the explosion also kills another person. It counts as accident kill but you still don’t get SA due to killing a non-target.


I see what you did there…:laughing:

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You’re probably doing something wrong, because it definitely does.

You’re killing a non target as well.

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