Escalation trophies/achis not unlocking


So have completed several escalation mission in Sapienza no trophy. Completed 1 in Marrakech and 1 in Hokaido and no trophy there either…
Mastery glitched and unlocked 1 hour later. Been over 8 hours now since i last completed the escalation missions. Reset a few of them and replayed them and no trophy Reinstalled the game still jack shit.

The Paris trophies all popped as they should.

How can it be that a game that’s been out for over 2 years and created by a so called AAA studio is still glitchy and buggy as hell. Are the developer not ashamed releasing something totally broken? I know i would be. Even heard these bugs is in the Hitman Legacy pack in Hitman 2.

Has anyone found a solution to this? Since i doubt these developers will do or has the competence to do anything about it.


To unlock the trophies, they have to be escalations with five levels, not three.


Ive done 3 different escalations… That meaning 3 different mission all 5 levels.

And another 2 on other maps still no trophy but ill post this under the bug thread.


Have you closed the game completely and relaunched? Sometimes a trophy will pop after a relaunch.


Are you on PC. PC people seem to be having a lot of issues.


Yes i have. Reinstalled, rebooted. Went offline then online again. Played the escalation mission again, Reset the escalation mission and redid them. Deleted all my save data tried to do another escalation mission. Been trying everything between heaven and earth for 7-8 hours. Everything in Paris popped as intended.

Have done all 5 level of 3 Sapienza mission, 1 full mission in Marrakech and 1 full mission in Hokkaido. Neither popped a trophy for me. Every other trophy popped for me with the exception of Mastery 20 in Spaienza, that one popped after i rebooted the game.

Only thing i have left to try is to reinstall the game, but this time i’ll just install base game + the addon im currently playing.


Nope playing on PS4, the game was free (thank god) this month on PS+.


When you say rebooted, do you mean a full restart, or did you just put it into rest mode? If you restarted it, then I’m not sure what to suggest. I have all of the PS4 trophies for both games, but I unlocked the Hitman 1 escalation trophies a long time ago. Each escalation should have a challenge associated with it, do those challenges show as completed?


Haha good luck, I think I may have had the same issue back in the day but it ended sorting itself out.


The challenge for the escalation is not unlocked after i complete the 5th level. Meaning it doesnt show post game like it should. But if i redo the mission or restart the game i have a checkmark on challenge and have been given 5k exp. I am never given the exp in the post game screen ever, but only after i start another playthrough or reboot. I never see the xp bar move at all.

Yeah i have done a complete restart of the console. Also tried renewing licenses.

I got Sapienza mastery 20 doing a escalation mission. Neither trophy popped but after 1 restart of the game i got the mastery trophy but not the escalation trophy.

Have intenionally unlocked easy trophies from other expansion hoping the trophy would pop, but no luck.


Sounds like a communication problem between your game and the server. Try it in a few hours and see if it’s the same.


Will do! Thanks for the suggestion. I can’t think of anything else either. Since neither Sapienza, Marrakech or Hokkaido did give me a trophy for completing a level 5 ecalation mission.


That won’t be it. Trophies are triggered locally by the game - which is why they can be unlocked without an internet connection (well as much as this game allows you to play offline).


I imagine that the mechanism is something like this:

If challenge completed, unlock trophy, else not awarded.

Challenge completion won’t always register without a stable connection.


Nope. Not at all.

They’re not tied to the challenges. It’s a completely separate system as you cannot get challenges offline, but you can get trophies (for parts of the game that work offline).


Are you sure? I thought that you could earn, but not view, offline PS4 trophies? Have you earnt Hitman 1 or 2 trophies whilst being offline?


Regardless, if this is a Hitman 1 issue, then contact Square Enix. Warner Bros. is the publisher for Hitman 2. They will only, possibly, be able to help you with the challenge issue. For the trophies themselves, you’ll need to contact Sony.