Escape with the speedboat

This exit requires a key - who has it?

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Vito Guillani!, oh wait, that’s a key for something else.

Hm, no idea. There is so much in this level, it could just as well be a item you can find in the level. Like the MI6 listing is on a USB in the attic.


It lays on a table on the Second Floor

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uhm, could you be more specific? :smiley:

Wait, i start the game and look ^^

Yes, please tell us what the key looks like.

Dawg, take your time and explore


East side of the palace, second floor, in the private quarters, on a desk in the room with a diorama.


Sir Creaky was quicker :smiley:

I like the speedboat escape, but the fact that it is both harder to get to then the helicopter, and requires a key makes it sort of useless. It’s one of my few (and minor) gripes when it comes to level design. Maybe have the guard by the entrance to the helicopter face so that he sees whoever enters. Now only someone like Kruger (for instance) may enter?


more like too lazy… :grinning:

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It looks like a key.

Its on the floor where you see Novikov for the first time. I can’t find it immediately so I have to search every room. Any way, its on a desk

That’s the same place it was in the Alpha.

I stumbled upon the key as I was climbing the drainpipe at the back, up to where Dalia is. And then climbing down on the garden side and shimming on the ledges. But that’s the fun thing about these big locations, as you can stumble unto things.
Although I knew the boat needed a key since I earlier had thought it would make for a spectacular escape only to find out I needed a key, then I promptly took the helicopter.


Do you want him to home over and just do it for you kid?


same here. I am having trouble finding the dongle (what a stupid word, who invented that?) for Dalia’s laptop…

yeah, I found it , I was just talking about the OP

Mindblown :smile:

20 chars

In case anyone still needs help finding it, it’s on the desk overlooking the palace garden on the right side of the building (from original start point). There’s a vacuum in the room and there’s a waiter and tech guy together in the adjacent room. You can either scale the drainpipes and shimmy around the side of the building or grab the Iago invitation and walk to it following the path in red (be careful though in the hallway as there is a camera that will spot you if you don’t stick to the wall.