ET Dagwood Sandwich

I had a thought that made me chuckle… I’m sure that the ETs (or, the current ones) will eventually be playable at any time (sans their ‘rewards’ and cumulative…ness). Maybe after so many years and maybe a new batch comes out, likely when or after Season 2 is out.

Anyway. “Dagwood Sandwich”? What do you mean by that?

For example, having all the ETs that are in Sapienza active all at the same time, and in one single mission, all together. The Twins, The Guru, The Prince, The Congressman… (and anyone else I may’ve forgotten). All can be killed with their original ‘complications’ (if any, like not killing the wrong twin). Although, an instant ‘Game Over’ might have to be removed so you can get the other targets, and it simply affecting your final score.

The same idea could apply to any other location, like Paris, Colorado, Bangkok, and Hokkaido, etc. Although… aren’t there some like the Bad Boy and The Entertainer that are by themselves?..

I know this could still never happen. But I just felt like putting the idea out there, if anything, for consideration. And with the location of some of the NPCs, could make for a mess… :joy: It still sounds fun.

I proposed something like this but as a bonus mission:

Even features the likeness of Square Enix Director Yosuke Matsuda. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S.: The “Dagwood Sandwich” is so-named because of its association with the comic strip character Dagwood Bumstead who is famous for making impossibly tall sandwiches that contain all manner of ingredients and condiments.