ET in Hitman 3

Are there no more elusive targets in Hitman 3? Will the suits from tuxedo wg to winter suit be unlocked through different challenges?

We don’t know anything about ETs in H3.
This is what we know, apart from the two trailers on YT.

Tune in to the IOI Monthly #15 livestream on the 25th, and you might get some more H3 news.


There has been not much information given to us so far so we may find our more when we get closer to release

We will, definitely

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ET’s are really lopsided now with like 20 in Season 1 and 6 in Season 2. Imo if they aren’t going to commit anymore then I would prefer them to drop ET’s in favour of something else to unlock the suits.

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I really would like them to be turned into a special assignments, so they can be replayed multiple times and whenever you like. If they really want to make Hitman III “the ultimate place to play all three games” just give me everything. Obviously not straight away at the game’s launch though, I can wait!

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It’s even worse if you consider how frontloaded Season 1 was. There are more ETs in Paris alone than in the entirety of H2.


That’s true, and was also a problem for most of the content such as escalations iirc

Should ETs be in H3 in the format they’ve been so far?

  • Yes, exactly as they’ve been in first 2 games
  • No, they should make them slightly more replayable
  • No, they should be permanently replayable whenever you want (Special Ass.)
  • No, they shouldn’t do anything even remotely resembling ETs or Special Ass. in H3

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I will repost here my own option to ET related poll:


Never been a huge fan of ETs or timed content in general really. I kinda think the ETs could be best repurposed into mini campaigns (3-4 missions per campaign) especially if they did it similar to Sapienza where they combined two ETs into one, That could even improve the more forgettable ones. Any left over ETs could then just be placed as special assignments.

Then set the end of each mini campaign to reward a certain suit.

This poll doesn’t have my answer so no vote :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s your answer?

Yes - If they commit to it

I mentioned above they should remove them because they basically gave up on the idea in Hitman 2 since they only released the bare mininum to get all the suits. If they don’t bother then it would be better to kill them. For me it isn’t about replayability as I did enjoy the format until H2

I get what you’re saying but the poll is about the format, S1 and H2 share the same ET format: One play, do not get to play on reactivation after you’ve played

The frequency of ETs is irrelevant to the format it takes, so your answer is “Yes, the same as the first two games” but you also want a higher frequency, which is a separate question. We must sadly trust that they ‘have more resources’ this time around compared to H2.

I get your answer depends on ‘if they commit properly’, but you could say that about any of the poll options; I wouldn’t want them to give ETs only a little more replay-ability if they’re not even going to ‘commit to that properly’, or making them Special Assignments if they’re only gonna make two anyway, at that point I would rather see the whole system die.


I feel like it’s just a bit sad that we have, what, 32 unique missions, all with voiced targets and plenty with more than one objective, that are just lost to time. That’s way too much content to get rid of


I didn’t quite get this structure of your sentence. Why ‘we must sadly trust’?
And what makes you think that they have more resources this time, considering their split up with Warner Games? Now they have to have more resources dedicated to publishing (and hence on customer support, I believe), not to developing, though nobody will lessen develop, I think

It’s not like all their level designers are suddenly going to be put to work as Marketers and Sales reps, why would Publishing take away from the people making ETs?

What you should’ve said is them working on the non-Hitman game will take away resources

And that’s why I said ‘sadly’, because it probably won’t happen :frowning:

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Ok, here we go again… again.

ETs definitely have a spot within Hitman. It is the only game mode with anything resembling stakes and consequences. But with current implementation they don’t work properly.
The best way to go forward with ETs would be to increase relative replayability but balance it out by removing restart button. And there’s a couple ways to do it:

  1. Permanent and frequent rotation with no restrictions but no restarts. So technically you will always have another chance down the line, but you have no say in when it will present itself.

  2. Randomized playlist of ETs that players have permanent access to. Similar to frequent rotation but with no time restrictions whatsoever. You always have some ET to play, but no control over which one.

  3. Just drop ETs altogether and replace them with a proper rogue-like/iron man mode as was proposed in another thread a few days ago. Theoretically, old ETs could be repurposed for this mode.

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It’s not that new department will take away resources among developers, I meant with they have to create a new depatment it won’t increase developing power.
But it’s not a subject to discuss; I just wanted to clear up this structure of yours for myself