Euro 2020 Qualifiers Discussion Thread

A place to discuss and share our opinions on the qualifying matches for Euro 2020.

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Your favourites for this one?

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As in who I think will qualify, or who I want to qualify, or both?

Belgium needs to win this tournament. Last chance for the so-called “golden generation” to secure a place in history with a trophy for their country.

Both. Your opinion as a third.
Maybe your desire.
Maybe you want nominal Gibraltar to win Euro :slight_smile:

Do you believe in this? Do you think they could pass qualifiers?

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The only teams in their group with any realistic chance to beat them are Russia and Scotland, but seeing how the top two teams from each group advance, Belgium is pretty much qualified already.

Edit: I don’t think they’ve got a good chance at winning the tournament, though.

Don’t jump the gun. You never know what might happen in football or in sports in general

You know, I don’t believe in Russia at all. They just can’t play well. They can be beaten even by conditional Liechtenstein.
As for Scotland I have much more faith. As I heard they pretty much winning

True, but still. With the top two teams in each group advancing, most of the strong teams are almost guaranteed to qualify.

Russia isn’t exactly great, but like in the World Cup, they could get pretty far on their totally not suspicious physical prowess alone.

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In my opinion the first leg will be a ceiling for them if they could leave the group (or how to say this correctly).
I don’t know their goup, but if Belgium and Scotland in there, it’s more likely they will qualify.
I don’t know exact regulations either, but if there is play-off round, this two teams will get there.
I think Russia will take third place maximum. I just don’t believe :slight_smile:

UPD: Just checked the standings and I think even Cyprus can be third :slight_smile:
San Marino definely the clean outsider, Kazakhstan can cause troubles to everyone, well Russia too as well, but I don’t take it that serious

Don’t want to sound smug but I can really see no way for Belgium not to qualify. The other countries in their group are just not in the same level, and moreover they already lost points to each other. Scotland losing to Kazakhstan like that really points to an easy qualification for Belgium. Second place could go to anyone not San Marino.

I agree it’s far from likely Belgium will win the tournament, but it feels like the last chance for these golden boys like Hazard and De Bruyne so all our hopes are vested in it after the Nations League fiasco in Switzerland.

Belgium will qualify with ease, Scotland have no chance, they’d need at least 4 points from the Russian games which is extremely unlikely.

My prediction is that England will win every game in qualifying and go on to win the tournament, yes I am English and yes that probably makes me slightly biased but that’s genuinely what I believe.

Here’s my predictions for teams to qualify from each group’

A - England & Czech Republic
B - Portugal & Serbia
C - Netherlands & Germany
D - Ireland & Switzerland
E - Croatia & Wales
F - Spain & Sweden
G - Poland & Austria
H - France & Iceland
I - Belgium & Russia
J - Italy & Bosnia

Obviously I’d wanted to see all my home nations there (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland & N. Ireland) but Scotland have shot themselves in the foot with that loss to Kazakhstan and I feel for N. Ireland who have ended up in a group with the Netherlands and Germany, but never say never!


I definitely think England and Poland will qualify, they both have very easy groups. I would be a very happy man if Poland were to win.

May God have mercy upon them.

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They could do a Leicester and win the group? lol

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What are you talking about?
What relation has Leicester to National Teams Tournament?

He’s referring to the fact that a couple years ago, Leicester surprised literally everybody by winning the Premier League.


Thanks. I do remember that season.
They were great back then :slight_smile:

Haha, the great story of a true underdog coming through and winning something

San Marino

Well they’re winning the group right now

And Germany and NL have been pretty shit recently