Ever met another Hitman fan in person?


Hi all. Can’t sleep so I’m having a drink(s) and I figured to start a thread

The topic is straight to the point. Have you ever met a Hitman fan in person? Especially out of the blue?

This summer, I went to a friends house because they had a little party. I started to chat with someone who was there about random crap and then the topic of video games came up. I told the guy I mainly play Hitman and Fallout and he told me about he was a big Hitman fan himself. Talked about Jesper Kyd, Hitman 2016 and the previous games. I even showed him my music on my phone because I have the soundtracks of the first 4 games. I mention how I always listen to Exploration H2 while walking.


Everyone on this forum is actually bot, apart from you.


Sadly not really,the only hitman fans I know are you guys,Hitman should be more well known and appreciated if you ask me. Not enough of us out there!


Yep a bunch of them, lot of them from HMF and some from reddit. Other then that i know a couple outside the forum.


I’ve met a bunch of people from this forum in person (including that geezer Mads above me).


Met some that played the game casually, my best friend likes Hitman but he’s more focused on games like GTA.
I’d love to meet some forum users one day :slight_smile:


Hitman was reccomended to me by someone else. That answers I think.


I have yet to meet a fellow HMFer. There are a number of them I would just LOVE to meet one day. I think @Quinn holds the record for most meets from what I can tell.

If anyone in this thread hasn’t seen it already, here’s a thread designed specifically to help us meet each other in person.

Anytime you plan to travel, check the list and see if there’s someone you’d like to meet in the area.


Well, No. I am from Serbia, and it is hard to connect with guys like you or some other site, as rarely is someone from Serbia. I had a chat with few guys, but never met anyone in person.

And I would love to talk about someone about Hitman all the time irl.


Did you check the list in my post above? You have a fellow Serbian on HMF.

Let me know if you want me to add you to the list as well. I only add people who specifically give permission.


I have no intention to meet anyone here personally apart from the one who will come here with the true story of hitman codename 47.


Yeah, I just checked it. Nice one. Of course, add me to the list, I don’t mind at all

Thank you.


What what what? Serbia where? Meet @AGENT_58


I am from Novi Sad, Serbia. Thanks for asking


I’ve met the beasts Hatch & Kotti. Also lore expert White and mr awesome guy Travis


Cool. I’ll put you in now. Thanks!


i met one in a pro-palestine student organization.


One of my coworkers is a Hitman fan. We played Absolution at the same time, which was cool because we could talk about it. I’m definitely way more obsessive than he is though.


I am always the one which is more obsessive :smiley:


I actually introduced a friend of mine to Hitman a few days ago! He has gone through C47,SA and Contracts and he is starting BM! He says he is hooked! I think that Hitman (even the old ones) to a lot of people sound a bit too difficult which is why they turn them down,but to be honest,it’s all about how fun it is to get mad creative with your kills,make them unique,which a lot of people don’t actually know about! This is what got my friend into the saga. I also told him that,since he is new to it,the occasional bloodbath is completely fine(and also a lot of fun). He is also a huge Dexter fan(like me,since we started that show together) and he says that 47 reminds him of him,which I would argue about but…I’ll let it slide for now. Until he finished 2016. Oh boy,when he finished it he is in for the greatest lore arguement of his LIFE