Every James Bond reference in the series

Even if I don’t remember every single one of those I can at least spark a discussion. Unlike most people I don’t mind the Bond theme in the new game as gadgets or (“equipment” as it’s called) are very interesting and useful. Anyway, in Absolution there was an achievement for your first throwable kill (if I remember correctly “It’s All In The Wrist”) and it is a reference to Octopussy where Bond uses Kamal Khan’s rigged dice to win the game. Because I don’t want to post an Absolution photo, you get Roger Moore in a white dinner jacket.

The pose that they chose for the promotional art is a reference to the cover of the book “Blood, Sweat and Bond” but from a different angle. It is also a reference to the poster from Tomorrow Never Dies.
a bit of this…

a chunk of that…
…and we get this picture…
The dinner suit that 47 wears in the Paris mission appeared to have been directly influenced by the one found most notably in Thunderball and Skyfall. (Thanks to @Reaper for pointing it out)

The training missions bear lots of resemblance to the ones found in Skyfall (Thanks to @Danger_dog_guy_7 for pointing it out and to @Bjornie47 for providing the photo)

The turtleneck that 47 is wearing in the training missions resembles the one worn by Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day.

The Faberge egg (The Ivory White) that 47 has to retrieve in the 8th Elusive Target, The Broker, bears much resemblance (albeit a different color scheme) to the one found in Octopussy (The Property of a Lady). It’s also featured in a very similar scenario, where both of them are found during an auction. (Thanks to @Keller for pointing it out)

The ICA logo bears much resemblance to the MI5 logo (not the MI6 one @JJoa74) and even feautures a 007 below the crown (at least in Hitman: Codename 47)

The most obvious one would have to be the WA2000 that 47 uses in every game since Codename 47 (except Absolution). Nice to see that the developers appreciated the Timothy Dalton era. (Thanks to @jackdagger for pointing that out)

The Final Test features lots of references to Goldeneye and The Living Daylights. It has a spy named Janus (named after the two faced Roman god) and a chess player defecting to the soviets and wanting to bring his girlfriend along (the exact opposite plan from Giorgi, who wanted her dead). (Thanks to @jackdagger for pointing that out).
The Tomorrow Never Dies theme is used in Blood Money even if it sounds nothing like the finished product. (Thanks to @jackdagger for pointing that out)
47 has the option to leave Lenny behind in the desert but instead of giving him motor oil, he lets him die (or commit suicide with his Swiss Derringer). 007 used the same technique in Quantum of Solace.
Diana gives 47 a briefing in a confession booth like the one Q did in For Your Eyes Only. (Thanks to @jackdagger for pointing that out)
Be sure to write about the ones you spotted!


When you are about to enter a restricted area in your tuxedo. Guards will say: ‘You have to kill me first and put me in a dumpster if you want to get through here.’


Actually now that you mention it, “Mr Bond, you can have you martini shaken not stirred somewhere else…”. That’s what they might say if they spot you in your tuxedo in Paris. The one that you mentioned could be a reference to Quantum Of Solace, where Bond steals a perfect fitting tuxedo.



The tuxedo itself is a nod to bond.


James Bond: Skyfall

Hitman 2016


Wow, that scene is almost identical :joy:


Wow there sure are a lot of things taken from Bond in this game :open_mouth:.


I am also a huge Bond fan so here’s some references and similarities I noticed:
-There is a briefing in a confessional booth in For Your Eyes Only/Blood Money
-The ICA logo has a ‘007’ on the bottom of it (at least in the Blood Money manual)
-The ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ theme in Blood Money was an unused Bond theme
-47 uses the alias ‘Jacob Leiter’ in Blood Money (Felix Leiter is Bond’s CIA contact)
-The Final Test in HITMAN mentions a spy named Janus, there is also a character named that in Goldeneye
-In Quantum of Solace, James Bond drives a character into the desert to die (like Lenny in Absolution)
-James Bond uses a WA2000 in The Living Daylights


The helicopter used in Prologue / LAT 74 is the same used in bond film “Skyfall” as well.

In fact I think the same heli model is also used in Paris as well, just a different diffuse.

Sidenote: It’s also in active service with the Danish Military.


Did I miss something what is LAT 72?

@HHCHunter I see you keep changing it :joy:.

So what is LAT 74? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

During Til Death Do Us Part, 47 introduces himself to Margeux LeBlanc as “Jacob Leiter” - Could quite easily be a reference to Felix Leiter who is a CIA colleague/friend of James Bond.

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That was mentioned already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Latitude 74 is the official name of the training missions.

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Does it say that anywhere in game?

Really but I can’t see that written anywhere in game?

In Silent Assasin, during the briefing for the german ambassador/spetsnaz agent mission, Diana told 47 that he should wear a tux as this is a formal event. He does not. The least he could’ve done is buttoned up his suit and worn a hankerchief but due to graphical limitations or due to a developer oversight, 47 does neither of those things.

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Nice one Danger!
I’ve spotted all the other ones, didn’t think they were secrets. But I never noticed this one. Nice!

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@Lucifer @Reaper


Ah ok thanks, Strange they don’t have it as that in game though.

Their names are kind of close, I never thought about that before. There is also a Hong Kong prostitute in You Only Live Twice that’s named Ling. :slight_smile: