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Awesome news. I heard about it but I didn’t see the trailer. Thanks for that. This is great news indeed. Fallout has a lot of potential especially if they used a new engine and focus a bit more on survival (because the survival perks suck in New Vegas). That and the animations especially. Skyrim was a huge improvement over New Vegas. I can only imagine what they can do now given that they’re working with the new console hardware capabilities.

Oh man. Looking forward to this. I hope it’s closer to New Vegas than 3 though.

Anyone have a clue where this is set?

It’s set in Boston i believe

I remember that rumor, but are there any landmarks or something like that in the trailer that confirms it? I’m not particularly familiar with what might be recognizable from Boston.

There’s an article on IGN about it and they point out several landmarks.

Thanks. I’ll have to look that up.

Yeah, definitely Boston. You can see the statue of Paul revere and MIT in it!

This should be good. I’ve been pining for a new Fallout for some time. Not to get the hype machine rolling too hard for this but I heard through the grapevine that a late 2015 release is likely for this.

I have never heard of anyone who preferred Vegas to 3. I guess a first for everything.

Strange, I’ve heard plenty. In fact, my perception is that New Vegas is more liked.

Well, just tried googling “Poll Fallout 3 vs New Vegas” and this:

…from the Escapist Forums, was the first hit.

To me, the world of New Vegas is far more believable (within the confines of the silly premise that Fallout has of course) and alive and interconnected. The characters, places and quests all (or mostly) feel like they belong to a larger world to a much larger degree than in Fallout 3.

Plus it has more of the classic Fallout feel to it.

And thank the gods for hardcore mode… that is all.

I’ve never finished a Fallout game before. I got a few hours into both 3 and NV before eventually giving up. I loved Skyrim, and the idea of the open-world being carried into a completely different universe.

But the cartoony-artstyle and the awful graphics just failed to hold my attention. I am usually forgiving of bad graphics if the overall atmosphere is good, but it wasn’t. There was just too much yellow and brown. The entire game was a wash of endless yellows and browns.

This trailer looks like it’ll change things. Graphics are nothing spectacular but still good enough to surpass my threshold…but the main change I notice is…COLOUR. They actually changed the colour palette and gave it more variation and life. I will definitely try this out.

When I complained about it before people used to say stuff like “the lack of colour helps establish the atmospheric feel of desolation and decay”. That’s pure bullsh-t. This new trailer proves it.

Brown, brown, and more rusty brown:


Actual colour:

One more cool thing:

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I’ll agree a problem I’ve had with both 3 and New Vegas is graphics, but not color palette, but rather character animation and character models. Looks a bit better in this, but still a bit too familiar.

I just found out that Ryan McCaffrey from IGN got to have a sneak peek of Fallout 4…he rated it 1.9, said it was harder than Alien Isolation…and the game in his opinion took too long to complete.

He complained about game length and repetition in Alien too. The fact that he rated Fallout 4 that low makes me think I’m really going to like it.

Source? I can’t find any evidence about that, and I doubt a game that was just announced would be playable.

scanning blogs on websites…don’t know how true or if it is BS.

Sounds like a troll rumour to me. Doubt there’s any truth to it!

This is gonna be so fucking awesome, i’ve played and completed Fallout 1, 2, 3 and NV and can’t wait for this one!

just gonna leave this here.

could be legit. could be fake. apparently this was a leak 1 year ago


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Holy fuck. That seems awfully legit