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Just noticed that you can get drunk in this game


The massiveness of the commonwealth makes me think that I’ll never explore it all. But then again, the unending quests from the minutemen will have me explore the galaxy if needed. They are a decent source of exp. I have progressed even half of the main story and I am already level 27. Gonna finish it with a x0-1 power armor.


I suggest you take the minuteman quests 2-3 at a time because they’re very similar to each other.

BTW, anyone noticed that Diamond City celebrates Christmas?If it’s 25th of December, they decorate the place and even the guards joke about it. The little details in Fallout 4 are just amazing. :slight_smile:

I am level 30-31 I believe and I still have alot of places to discover and quests to do. 1 thing I noticed is that unlike previous Bethesda games, the locations that are loaded by a loading screen (places you can enter basically) are really well done and very distinct from each other. I have never been to a place where it was overly similar to the ones before it. For example the dungeons in Skyrim shared a bit too much resemblance (even though they were still different). That is a huge plus for me.


Explorer perk, bro. Every area on the map revealed for your convenience. You still have to make it to a location to fast travel there, though, but it makes life in the Wastes so much easier, especially if you’re looking for the best merchants.


Something that a lot of people are into is going around the map and exploring stuff on their own. I just fast travel to the nearest location to my objective and get on with it. Unless I feel like destroying a super mutant camp on the way.

This way I miss a lot of the fun. But whatever.


It’s something I realize I desperately need. I’ll be trekking to a quest off in the corner of the map when I run right into a group of mole rats. Which turns into a fight with mongrels. Which turns into a fight with raiders. Which turns into a fight with super mutants. Which becomes a war between all involved and few bugs and Assaultrons for good measure. All this when trying to run away from the second fight. Just becomes a massive clusterfuck.


I’ve unlocked probably around 120-130 locations and only about 30-40 of those I’ve cleared out.

I haven’t even visited Diamond City yet and I’m almost at 45 hours played. The game just has so much in terms of exploration. I can honestly see myself not putting it down until March.


Getting into the institute and after it spoilers:

[spoiler]I just don’t get it. We found out that our son was gotten out of the cryogenic pod a hundred years before us. Ok so why do we have to do anything right now? The story mode should be over in my opinion. Our objective was to find our son and now it has been completed in a sad way. So I don’t get why we should choose a faction and do other shit.

I almost hate all of the factions except the railroad by now. Those brotherhood assholes asked me to kill virgil. I lost my hope in them

And those institue fucks do whatever the fuck they want and claim it’s for the best interest of the humanity.

Anyway, I don’t see where the game’s story is going from here. There should be an official option in the game to stay out of this stupid conflict and let it play. Of cource you can stop playing the story mode but that’s no where near official. I wish I could become a raider or something. At least their intentions are transparent and they don’t have all the secrecy. They just rape and kill and kidnap. No bullshit.

I watched the fallout 3 movie (basically someone put together all the cutscenes and stuff to make up the story)
And I realize there are a lot of connection between these 2 games. Like doctor li. [/spoiler]


Well, I’m officially a cheating asshole. Got together with Piper early on in the game. Equipped her with my dead wifes ring and everything.

…Then I met Curie…

Oddly enough Piper hasn’t even commented on the fact that I’m sleeping with a synth right underneath her nose. Maybe she’s fine with it.


Fuck, forgot to romance Curie… Guess I’ll have to play this again…


So the romance thing is actually a thing, then. And here I thought someone was going to mod it in.


Yeah Jim Sterling did a video on how Fallout 4 appears to support polyamory in a strange way that appears to be more the result of laziness/budget than active attempt to do so. None of your romance options ever get upset at you picking up sweetheart.

Or maybe they just have the 50s attitude of “we don’t talk about it” - because they do seem to care if you flirt with others in front of them… just not out of sight.


Getting to the institute spoilers:

Did any of you guys knew that you could shoot Shaun in the head and progress the story in a legitimate way?

That is such a cool way to do the game. You can actually side with the minutemen this way I guess.

They say there is this bunker hill quest where The 3 leaders meet and I suppose that’s where you actually get to choose a faction. So now that I killed the institute leader I don’t know what will happen. On one side I got BOS quests and on the other I got minutemen quests that tells me to gather more recruits to get to the institute. I wonder how this all will pan out.


The more I play this game, the more I get bored of it.
Overall it’s a great game, but here’s why I think it can’t compare to Fallout 3/NV

  • Quest/Location diversity - A lot of people have mentioned this place. The robot race track. It’s a race track where robots are racing and raiders are betting on it. But as soon as you step foot in there, it turns into kill everyone. In the old games, this would have been a unique experience where you could place bets and maybe do a quest or to. This and places like combat zone are such missed opportunities, where previous games would have attached memorable quests.

  • Pacifist run through is near impossible - Literally every quest ends up with you having to kill everyone and everything. None of the choices you make through dialogue really change the outcome. The quests this time around are really lacking options. Which brings me to my next point.

  • Lack of important decisions - One of my favorite quests from FO3 was the republic of Dave mission. Where you could do a bunch of really neat things to influence the outcome of the vote in many ways. So far, I have yet to find any quests even resembling something where you have multiple decisions that lead to more than just if someone dies or not.

  • Lack of attribute dialogues - In the old games, if your intelligence was really low or high, some dialogue options openend up that would give you either new options or advantages/disadvantages. In this game there is NONE of that. You’re not really SPECIAL because your SPECIAL doesn’t really matter when it comes to the RPG parts.

So in all, I’d say I love the game’s action, building and world. But the world is so full of missed opportunities and a really lackluster RPG that it’s almost painful to play. Not because it’s bad, but it’s dissappointing to think what it could have been.


A fun thing to do there is to get to the control console and have the robots kill everyone in the base. And then initiate self destruct. Easy.



Were the people in vault 111 ever supposed to get out of cryo?

And who had the switch for the remote cryo override?

Why didn’t the institute “refreeze” the others as kellog said?


Finally bought this game. I’ve only played it once so far… For 9 hours. It’s immersive as hell and hard to break away from.


After you finish main quest-line, you’ll be feeling differently.

Waiting for the mod kit to fix the game is painful.