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Since looking for supplies for building stuff is too painful I just acquire the needed items by using the console.


I’ve played this for like 100+ hrs already and I am on my 2nd playthrough. For me the game is just amazing. It has things I don’t like sure, but overall this is by far my favorite Fallout game. But that’s just my opinion.

I really like it because of the character build variety it offers and also because of the gameplay. There’s lots to explore and the fact that almost all perks are useful in some way or another is a huge plus for me. Yes, the game lacks in story RPG elements, but makes up for it with gameplay RPG elements where each level actually feels like you’re getting stronger instead of weaker. Most of all, I like it the most because it’s the only game I feel like playing after a long day of programming applications. :slight_smile:

The thing I noticed is that even though you can keep playing forever, the content diminishes the further you progress the main story. End game content is the only thing it really lacks, since side quests are no longer more of the same (apart from the minutemen, which is understandable), they are tied mostly to factions and even though there’s alot of side quests, they get limited the further you progress the story.

I don’t know how I feel about that. On 1 hand, the side quests are better (more quality over quantity), but on the other hand, the end game content is just lacking. I just hope the DLC’s Bethesda are planning include end game content. Kinda like old Hunters for Bloodborne or Dragonborn for Skyrim.

So a summary:

-Main story and side quests are great for a non story driven game
-Gameplay and gameplay related RPG elements (perks)
-‘Dungeons’ aren’t more of the same, but feel like they’re hand crafted one by one. By dungeons I mean enter-able buildings that have a reward at the end.
-Settlement mode and general crafting
-General enemy AI and game difficulty
-Weapons sounds
-Many weapons to choose from
-Great character creation

-End game content is lacking
-Story RPG elements (like choices and consequences)
-Some Companion AI issues that haven’t been fixed as of yet
-Some textures are just too low res.
-Limited dialogue wheel options


So guys is fallout 1 worth playing?


It depends on your tolerance level for old school stat allocation, clunky interfaces and bugs that never got patched. Otherwise the story is great and it lets you do lots of neat things the modern Fallout games don’t.


You mean like perks and stuff?


Well it’s an old school turn-based RPG which modelled it’s system off GURPS, so your ability to do literally everything is based off: SPECIAL + Stat Points + Perks. And if you have a low stat it can significantly hamper your gameplay so you basically need to create a character with an approach in mind and stick with it.

This was pretty straight forward for pen and paper players back in the day, but can be frustrating as fuck if you play 50% of the way through and find you aren’t making thing work with the stats you allocated and can’t just fudge things like you can in the FP games.


Shit, you got further than I did. I uninstalled it at the Glowing Sea quest but I’m coming back to it. Can’t wait till New Vegas is backwards compatible. Can’t believe it wasn’t the first pick over 3.



Play F2 instead. The interface is the same, but the dialogues, quests and choices are more fun, so you get a lot more out of it. Plus there is no shitty timer on the main quest like in the first.



I am thinking if I super fortify my settlements the kidnappings and the other shit will stop. Because in the stats menu in pip boy there is this danger mark in front of my settlement names.


I actually stopped playing F4 for weeks and now I have uninstalled it. It actually lacks a lot of depth imo


Well atleast you finished it. I couldn’t force myself to continue playing it and stopped after completing like 40% of the story.


Oh no, I’m just like you. Haven’t finished the game either. I played ± 40 hrs according to steam. I was at the valentine quest.

(And besides that, let’s be honest, there isn’t really any story)…


I finished it earlier this week and clocked in over 100 hours just into the story alone and really enjoyed it throughout.


You know what I absolutely love about this game? It’s the followers. They aren’t just some guy/gal with a hammer taking punches for you. They actually comment on certain situations and react to your actions and certain circumstances.

I hope the next Elder Scrolls game adopts this amazing idea as well. The followers are so diverse and there is one for every taste. Amazing.


Personally, I prefer New Vegas’ companions. I remember getting into an argument with Cass over fucking with the NCR. It was the last straw in a continued spree of assholery, constant chem usage and killing. I expected a fight, the way the conversation went, but it was rather interesting to be called out on my bullshit in a full-fledged dialogue string.


I didn’t play any other fallout game so I wouldn’t know


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I didn’t have much to do with Cass on my first, ‘Good’ playthrough, but on the second playthrough all bets were off. I think I ended up handing her over to the Van Graff twins, who promptly blew her to pieces.

I think all of the companions faced similar fates during that playthrough. Arcade ended up enslaved by the Legion, Lilly ended up with permanent brain damage and poor Boone got his head blown off (by me) before he could even leave his dinosaur vantage point. Hey, it was self-defence. He didn’t have to attack me because I tricked him into killing that crazy old conspiracy theorist guy. By the end, the only one left was Raul, my faithful pack mule, making the occasional sarcastic remark.