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So has anyone else been trying out the beta for the new Fallout 4 survival mode? It features all of the stuff from New Vegas “hardcore mode” and a bit more.

I’m of a split mind over it. On one hand I really love the realistic needs and diseases implemented. It makes every object in the world feel like it has a purpose. I collect empty bottles to fill with water, I’ll weigh the pros and cons of drinking irradiated water from a puddle while out and about, and I’ll seek out shelter/beds whenever I can. All really good for immersion.
On the other hand, only being able to save at beds is a bitch. At times it helps make the experience more tense, but at other times it’s just really annoying to the point where it causes me to rage quit. It also leads to absurd situations where I’ll go buy some guns and then sleep on it.
It does feel a lot more satisfying to get out of a gunfight alive though, so maybe it’s alright.

Any experiences with this?


Don’t you guys just love the shitstorm that Bethesda’s Creation Club has started?


Oh I do. I am glad I played the crap out of it before this came. The DLCs were a huge letdown too looking back on it.
I just hope Obsidian gets their fingers on a game again.


I don’t think I bothered with it. Bethesda US slowly and surely becoming a shitty company.


Unfortunately that might not happen again. Bethesda and Obsidian had a falling out (no pun intended) after New Vegas released. Something about it not selling enough.


Really? I am quite sure New Vegas was on par with F3.


I could be wrong, but from what I heard it sold just a little bit less than what they were hoping for. I wanna say it was 100 thousand less. Like I said, I could be wrong.
It’s a shame because New Vegas is probably my favorite.


Just looked it up Fallout 3 had 12.4M copies, New Vegas had 12M. I suspect F3 had stronger sales in the first weeks though.


I love Fallout 4. I’m playing it on Xbox


Not sure I know the full story, something about paid mods though? That sucks. Haven’t played this game in more than a year and a half though, so yeah.


@borek921 Whats your view on Fallout 4? Anything in the game you thought was done well?


New Vegas outsold 3, it was Obsidian losing out on the Metacritic review bonus thanks to bugs that Bethesda’s award-winning QA team failed to report to Obsidian to have fixed on time that would have caused any trouble, if anything. They’re still on speaking terms with one another.


It wasn’t really about sales, sales would be less of a cunt move than what they really pulled. Bethesda gated Obsidian’s bonus payment behind a Metacritic score of 85. The game got 84 and Obsidian did not receive the bonus dough. What kind of a scumbag you have to be to pull something like this?

As much as I love Obsidian and New Vegas I just don’t want them to be mules of these fuckfaces over at Bethesda, even if it was new Fallout in the spirit of New Vegas.

To be honest, they have been, for a long, long time. I could never grasp why all the love for these guys. They always release a half-assed base of a game. Buggy, unpolished, full of bad characters and boring stories. They create beautiful worlds, I’ll give 'em that. Other than that? Todd Howard is a lying son of a bitch (infinite quests for Skyrim and 200 endings for Fallout 3 - his words) and its THE FANS who always fix their fucking games for them. It’s the fans that FINISH the games with features that should’ve been there on launch, all of this done with mods, FOR FREE. Also, remember what a DLC is? The big bad cancer in the gaming industry? Now people got used to it and even ask for it, I don’t mind it as long as it’s just extra stuff for devoted fans, made after the release. Guess who started the DLC trend? Bethesda with their horse armor for Oblivion.

Now they go and try to have a piece of this pie without doing any fucking work, like leeches, feeding on fans that devote their time and abilities to stitch up these “games” for them, because they love these games, fans and their mods are the only reason TES and modern Fallout games are still alive and still sell well to this day. What do they do? Try to make us pay for mods (back in 2015) while giving few pennies to modders but you can bet your sweet ass majority of that was going into Bethesda’s and Valve’s pocket. The backlash was so massive that they backed away in like two days, now they try to make this shit fly again.

I really don’t understand why Bethesda always gets a free pass on all of the bugs and shortcomings of their games. If these games weren’t moddable, half of people probably wouldn’t buy them. When a game (let’s say Mass Effect Andromeda) releases with bugs and bad animations, it’s stoned, burned on a stake and crucified, but when Bethesda releases their steaming pile of unfinished shit, everyone is just like “oh it’s Bethesda, it’s normal for them”. What the fuck. Same goes with HITMAN and Telltale’s stuff. Episodes are fine there or in Life is Strange (story driven games) but HITMAN tries it and everyone loses their mind.

And listen, I’d be fine with Creation Club if it offered anything worthwhile. The thing is, it doesn’t. There are 12 mods, a backback that costs roughly $4, Hellfire Power Armor that costs around $5, three paint jobs aka re-skins for Pip-Boy 50 cents each, black paint job for power armor for $1, one prototype Gauss Rifle for $4. I mean Gunrunner DLC for New Vegas cost like what $5 or something and it gave you shitload of ammo, like 20 guns and god knows what else. If Creation Club offered actual quests, new campaigns, anything, sure, why not. Community-created story DLC as good as some of the stuff Nexus offers, sure. But what they launched with is just ridiculous and overpriced. Oh, it also downloads automatically, the files are on your drive even if you don’t buy this shit, so it’s like on-disc DLC all over again.

What else… oh right, the same stuff is available on Nexus, for free and believe it or not, better. Chinese Stealth Armor from Nexus (free) has more features (customization) than Chinese Stealth Armor from Creation Club, which costs $2,5 I think, and they look pretty much the same. The only thing Creation Club gives you is “Quality assurance by Bethesda”, which is an oxymoron if I’ve ever seen one, because we all know what quality standards their RPGs represent.

@STEVEORSOMTHING Fallout 4 I hate as a Fallout game or as an RPG game. I like it as some kind of Far Cry or something like that.

Sorry, got a little carried away there, it just pisses me off how everyone loves Bethesda for some reason. They do shit job and then sit on their asses counting money while fans do their work for them, getting jackshit in return.

Here Bethesda, another dick needs your sucking, I’ll mark it on your map.


Fallout 1 is free today only on Steam.


Poll: which is your favourite 3D Fallout game?

  • Fallout 3
  • Fallout New Vegas
  • Fallout 4

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Hard to say, probably between New Vegas and 4. NV is a better RPG, but 4 is a better FPS.


I can agree with that for sure. I have say to I love New Vegas and consider it one of my favorite Games. While I enjoy some of the things that Fallout 4 brought to the table, namely the better shooting mechanics and customization, it felt like such a downgrade RPG wise.


Played the J. Sawyer mod yet?


Unfortunatley I’ve only played on console. I’m planing on getting it on pc sometime though.


Never played the third one, so I had to choose between NV and 4. Not a hard choice for me. NV felt more alive and had better quests and real dialogue trees where you could actually use various skills to convince NPCs. Interestingly I’ve played exactly three Bethesda Softworks games: Morrowind, Oblivion and Fallout 4 and I liked neither of them. So I guess there games are simply not made for me.