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I played alot of F4 and still play it from time to time, but I barely do quests because the rpg is really weak. FNV is the superior even though it feels a bit woody compared to current gen games.


Speaking of which, while I don’t have a pc version, I did hear about a FO4 to NV conversion mod. Should be fun to play NV with 4’s more refined shooting.


Yeah well I would not put the hopes up, such huge projects usually dont make it to a finished state.


I dunno, Fallout modders are some dedicated motherfuckers…


Have to agree with @Cerb. I’ve heard of some pretty big projects come out of the fallout community. One of the reasons it has one of the best modding communities.


Well let’s be optimistic then. Whole NV in 4 seems just a bit bigger than any mods I knwo from the community. :slight_smile:


NV over 4.

NV mods: Just 30

4 mods: had about 200 mods


searched the forums, this seemed like the appropriate place to share this bit of news :sunglasses:


this looks to me like a new game, not a drawn out teaser for a remaster or fallout shelter… perhaps the long awaited, and highly asked for, fallout online? i get a mardi gras vibe from it, perhaps we get a bayou adventure??



Oh Oh promising! What is that on the top edge?


A Trip to the Bayou has been requested for quite some time. If this is a new Fallout, I hope they improve on the aspects that FO4 fell short on as well as improve some of the better aspects.
Fallout 4 was a bit of a let down and I very rarely even touch it anymore. What exactly gives you the Bayou Vibe btw?


i actually still play it… the story is what let me down, especially the dialog branches… never had any charisma or strength checks… i really enjoyed the combat tho, i thought it was vastly better than 3 or NV, i could actually play it as a FPS and where i aimed, is where the bullets went…

yea, i would love to play something in the deep south, maybe hearing some deep southern blues on the pipboy would be nice :sunglasses:


I hope not, it’s enough with COD BO4 is ditching single player :cry:.

Agree, the settles and the faction thing killed the game for me, I didn’t even finish Fallout 4, tried 2 times, but the attack on settlements and choose between 2 factions to survive was not fun for me at least, I hope they drop settlers in Fallout 5.

Yeah, it became annoying pretty fast, I liked Fallout 3 better, not so crowded with other humans :joy:.


i really liked all the settlement stuff… perhaps if they could defend themselves better without me having to intervene every time would be nice, lol…


oh sorry, i forgot to reply to your last line… i get that vibe from the color scheme of the please stand by image… maybe it’s just me, but it has a new orleans mardi gras color scheme going for it… or maybe its more vegas?


I do agree there are still quite a few aspect of Fallout 4 that I did enjoy. The settlement system, although tedious, was an ok addition as well as being able to build your own home and I did enjoy the shooting, although I do wish some of it was impacted by your skills and perks.

Story and Dialogue was a huge let down for me. I tend to play alot with charisma but in all honesty the RPG elements of the game suffered greatly due to the changes. I really dislike how they tried to replicate Mass Effects Dialogue system.


the only way to get anything done in 4 was to be charismatic… i miss the intimidation or intelligence checks that new vegas has…

i also really liked the weapon modding, and the general look of fallout 4 too… the jump to this gen was a vast improvement IMO…

again, i hope it’s a new fallout, but we’ll see… i’m sure there’s an announcement coming very soon, last time they did a teaser like this, we got a trailer a few days later i do believe…


If I remember, while it could be a generic “PLEASE STAND BY” screen, it looks to be a coloring of Fallout 3/NV’s Stand By screen.


the fallout series has used this same splash screen for all their games (at least since 3) with different hues and such… 3 had a greenish hue… new vegas was more brown… and 4 was gray… never really seen one with this much color to be honest… not sure if it’s what i said, new orleans, or perhaps another visit to new vegas, or perhaps something like miami (which i know there’s a massive mod being made for miami currently)…

never know, but i am so stoked, i hope it’s a new game, fallout is my favorite series… i’d be a bit disappointed if it was anything less…




has it done anything yet tho? i heard that was going on… that lemon looking thing on the right seems new…