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Eh I might be a fanboy but not a mindless one. Will spend my time better than watching this :joy:


I just saw this on my Youtube feed. Christ I hope they aren’t going to blue ball us. I believe a rumour from a while ago was Fallout: New Orleans, so perhaps that could be it? Another 3rd party developed game could be possible.

God I hope they don’t tease this until the early hours of the morning in the UK timezone. I’m actually very excited.


i actually don’t expect anything until tomorrow morning here in the states, just little teasers like they’ve done so far…


Well I was just meaning how long this livestream they’ve been running is going to last. The Twitch stream shows a real life room with a monitor and a Vault Boy figure inside of it, so unless they plan to keep that running through the night, I would assume they plan to do some reveal on the livestream by the end of the American day.


A guy just came on the livestream, tucked Vault Boy under a cloth like he was going to bed, and set a watch next to him with the hands at 9:45ish and turned the light off. Think I’ll need to go to bed myself since it looks like it will be a while longer til we get a reveal.


i actually saved a snap of that :joy: it was in the background but i managed to save this :grin:… brilliant promotion, i’m loving this! see y’all tomorrow :sunglasses:


I hope it is a new game at least and not a remaster of a older Fallout, like Fallout 3, I haven’t played Fallout New Vegas made by Obsidian Entertainment, so I don’t know if that was a good game or not or if it is worth a remaster or bought and played.

I have PS4 so if it is Fallout New Vegas which will be remastered i will keep an eye on it and watch some playthrougs :grinning:.

Fallout 5 seems a bit early since Fallout 4 was released in 2015.

This would be cool, so I hope you are right, excited to see if we are getting a new tweet today with a new clue :grinning:.


He is still at sleep though, with open eyes and a big smile :joy::


F1 and 2 would be wild remasters but I’d like to see a new game. If it is a battle royale game I will aim my Fat Man on Bethesda for sure!


New Vegas is definetly worth playing. It is a little overrated since nowadays it feels like the bandwagon is that 3 and 4 suck, while NV is perfect, when NV does have problems and 3 and 4, while also having problems aren’t as awful as people state they are.

I definetly recommend it if you want more Fallout in your life, you can buy it and the DLC for cheap whenever it goes on sale on Steam.


Not sure how likely a New Vegas remaster is considering how Obsidian fell out with Bethesda due to Bethesda treating Obsidian badly behind the scenes from what I understand. I’m not sure Bethesda cares enough about New Vegas to go to the effort of remastering it themselves.

I think at the moment, I believe the 2 most likely outcomes of this livestream are: Fallout 3 remaster, or a new Fallout game by a different 3rd party developer, not called Fallout 5 but instead called something like Fallout: New Orleans.



How do you let someone down easily? Asking for a friend. #ItsNotUs



I saw that tweet also, dosen’t look like Obsidian is involved this time, maybe because of what @Silvereyes said?:


It doesn’t surprise me. I don’t know the full details, but Bethesda wasn’t that nice to Obsidian. The infamous story is that they had a deal where Bethesda would give Obsidian something if New Vegas got, I believe, either an 85 or a 90 on Metacritic on launch, but the game was a single point short of the goal, with Bethesda refusing to budge. Not to mention they only got 2 years to make a Fallout game with a very strict schedule.

My guess is still that this will be another third party dev Bethesda has hired out, and hopefully won’t be as dickish towards.


Guys, the vault boy is awake :joy:.

and we have a watch :crazy_face:


Really hard to say, so i’m not going to be hyped just yet :grinning:.


I really hope this isn’t just leading to a Fallout 3 remaster, this had better be a new game to hype people over.


I don’t think any of us know the real story behind Obsidian and Bethesda, but I don’t believe that Obsidian are innocent in all of this. The problem has been exacerbated by the pseudo Fallout fans who continue to decry F4 and claim that F:NV is the definitive work in the series. It was good, but not that good. F3 was a complete re-invention of the franchise. To compare it with F1 & F2 is complete folly. F:NV simply took the brilliance of F3 and framed it differently. That’s all. Any comparisons are down to personal taste. I wonder if Obsidian lost sight of the part they played in the success of F:NV and started trying to tell Bethesda how to make their own game?


the DLC alone was worth the price for new vegas… as none of us know the details of the partnership, it still hurts a little that they’re not involved in this project, which means we probably won’t be visiting the west coast any time soon :frowning:

glad to see vault boy is up tho :slight_smile:… only a few more hours perhaps until some sort of announcement?


I dont want to team up with Obsidian as well as they dont seem to be too nice to their (former) members too.

Just as an egoist Fallout fan I’d like to see them working with the F4 engine.

I bet this stream is going on now. It started exactly two weeks before E3, so why not streaming until E3?


Yes, I thought the same about the stream too. However, Bethesda have their presentation on 10 June, so twelve days seems a bit of a strange time to #PleaseStandBy. Just out of interest, when did the stream start / how long until 24 hours have elapsed?


It’s definetly been going longer than 12 hours. It’s past 1pm GMT right now, it was at 1am GMT when Vault Boy was put to sleep I believe, and judging from articles posting about the livestream, I think it started sometime like 9pm or 10pm GMT.

So roughly 16 hoursish thus far I think.