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It’s definetly been going longer than 12 hours. It’s past 1pm GMT right now, it was at 1am GMT when Vault Boy was put to sleep I believe, and judging from articles posting about the livestream, I think it started sometime like 9pm or 10pm GMT.

So roughly 16 hoursish thus far I think.


There’s now a blue cupcake. I have no idea why.


“See that cupcake? You can eat it.” - Todd Howard


“fully immersible” :smile:


Maybe Fallout have a cake day? 10 year anniversary for Fallout 3? If it is, it might be just Fallout 3 remastered :cry:.


Or worse, just a Nintendo Switch port.


it’s just breakfast :wink: even vault boys need their fill…


The cupcake is gone. R.I.P. Cupcake.


lots of activity in the past hour… does the watch read 9:45 to anyone? that’s 15 minutes from now…

EDIT: nevermind, the hands are now moving… they weren’t earlier…


I read that when the livestream started, there were balloons before being removed. So it does seem like a possibility.

Personally I think people would be pissed if all of this was just for a Fallout 3 remaster if you ask me.


It would be sort of dissapointing, but really I’d be thrilled to play F3 in F4’s engine to be honest. Still hoping for more. I’m sort of leaning away from remaster, only because I think Bethesda would do it themselves and I’m pretty sure they’re very busy atm.


To be honest, when I was thinking of a remastering, I was meaning something like Fallout 3 but in a higher resolution, some performance and bug fixes, rather than a full blown remake. And to be honest, considering what a big game Fallout 3, I think you might as well just make a new Fallout game outright rather than go to all the effort of just remaking Fallout 3, if you ask me.


That’s probably more reasonable, I guess F3 completely remade would be a high bill.


It’s all gone blurry!?! I think it’s about to happen.


there’s confetti on the table, and now the screen is blurry :grimacing:


What the… ? :joy:





Fallout 76!!! :grinning:


Fallout 76


:heart_eyes: OMG YES!!! NEW GAME!!!

…in west virginia?