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Oh no this actually makes sense.

We know that Vault 76 has 500 people in a vault.

What if it’s an MMO of Vault 76’s (servers) of players “living” in Vault 76.


Then it would be the world’s small MMO in the world’s biggest vault.


They call The Division and Destiny MMOs too lol
Not to mention Console issues


I havn’t played The Division or Destiny, but I’m pretty sure they have maps that are bigger than the inside of a single vault.


They aren’t one bit MMO like. 24 players on Destiny in an area. And a Darkzone on Division allows a max of 24 people per sever lol.

Depends on the vault if it’s designed to hold 500 as the lore says.


It seems like everyday I become less and less of a gamer.

Nothing excites me anymore and everything is a scam -money grab.


There is a sign which hints that the day of leaving the vault is there. Thats why it might be empty, all are out to have fun at battle royale.


yup, i guess this is the aftermath of the party… lol good luck out there, 76 :laughing:

note the pine trees and mountain behind the vaultboy :wink:


What makes me wonder is the soccer field. Do we know that Vault 76 is located in America?

EDIT: Just looked up, Vaults are only a US thing.


West Virginia I assume


I’m not worried yet, as long it is a online spin off Fallout game, I would be more worried if Fallout 5 went online :open_mouth:.

And I hope it is a single player game :grinning: at least some single player content, I don’t play coop/online only games :open_mouth:.


I kinda hope it’s more of an online coop game than an MMORPG,but even that would be good.
It must be a spin-off,or maybe it’ll just be sp like New Vegas was,only made by a different studio


Yeah of course SP is also on the top of my list too! But tbh everything will me fine by me.


ehhh, i dunno how i feel about this… i don’t want to have to fight other people… i’d prefer if it were co-op, or even solo… lets hope we get a better explanation next sunday…


They’ve been wanting to take it online for awhile now… I just hope that even if it is an mmo, they make major improvements to the RPG elements of the game. The lack of RPG mechanics in FO4 gave it much less replayabilty (is that even a word lol) than past games.


The game is full price (£55) so it should be roughly the same size as a main title.

Also, vault-themed items are free in the Creation Club, so the game should be strongly vault-themed at least.


My biggest fear just became real :cry: i’m out… what a let down and I wasn’t that much hyped either.


Eh I would not bet on Kotaku’s sayings being facts.



Jason (the article author) has been like nostradamus when it comes to fallout related leaks so far.