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Online? Nope, not interested, even though i didn’t like F4, i had hopes they might learn from their mistakes and improve with a spin-off like what New Vegas did with Fallout 3.

Major disappointment…If true.


Eh would be a letdown indeed. I like to roleplay, but 95% of others dont do so. I see it coming, hordes of power armor wielders with gauss rifles kicking my low-tech character instantly on spawn.


I call fake on the multi-player/online rumours. When pundits throw enough made-up news around and some guesswork turns out to be true, everyone forgets that 90% of what they say is utter fantasy and start saying, “Ooh, they were spot on about X.” The main expositor of this claims that insiders have shared the secrets, but can’t be named for fear of damaging their careers. Funny how no one had even heard of Fallout 76 until today. Why would they remain silent about that, but suddenly gush forth with news about it being an online game?


I gotta say, seeing the original pipboy from Fallout 1 with FO4’s graphics looks fucking nice, looking forward to that time period the game is set in.

I know there’s been rumors/leaks about the game being online/rust like, though that’s mind of disappointing we’ll have to see how it turns out.

I’m gonna be optimistic, like people are already pissed because it’s online. While that’s a new direction, we’ll have to see how it turns out on BE3.


I doubt it will be an MMO, partly because I think it would be called Fallout Online or something other than Fallout 76, and that Bethesda already has an MMO in Elder Scrolls Online. An online game though of some capacity seems possible, although considering how utterly vague 76’s teaser trailer is, it’s hard to assertain much aside from the fact that the game will be using Fallout 4’s engine and reusing Fallout 4 assets.

To be honest, I’d rather they just tell us it is an online game from the get go, rather than get people’s hopes up that this is another game like New Vegas. I can’t say I wholly object to the idea of online, but it’s not something I want in my Fallout, and to be honest, I can’t say I get much of an impression from any Fallout fans who would want an online game over just another installment, even if a more minor one.

Ofcourse online is such a broad term it could mean anything. Could it be a 4 player coop with a story campaign like Borderlands? Are we talking about a survival game with 32 player servers where you build bases and have to gather resources, like Minecraft or whatever survival games are popular? We talking about PvP with deathmatches, or even shudder a battle royale mode?

The good thing is that we only have 11 days to wait. Bethesda’s E3 conference is on June 10th, and hopefully they give Fallout 76 at least a good 15 minutes, at least enough time to outline what kind of game we are looking at. I’m not sure what to believe personally, I’m not a fan of Kotaku, I don’t believe they are a good website for video game journalisim, but I am going to keep my mind open, and won’t hope for another New Vegas.


There was a person on r/Fallout that said if the new content announced today wasn’t a Fallout 3 remaster, he’d drink a whole bottle of hot sauce. Well, the mad man did it!


After letting this digest for a day, I’m fine with it. Fallout 4 was already very weak in the rpg department and I feel it’s strength definitely lay in the areas of building and exploration. If they just want to do that again but add in MP and then make a proper Fallout 5 in 8-10 years, that’s fine I guess. I honestly could see myself playing a lot of this if enough immersion elements are left in place, I just don’t want another ESO.


Someone else bet that they would eat their shoe…


I for one kinda look forward to it and is willing to give it a chance. But I really don’t want it to take away that true Fallout feeling! Roaming alone is what I enjoy. Co-op would be cool though, and I wouldn’t mind a more survival-ish approach, as long as it still keeps to what Fallout is.

I am sceptic whether MMO is good or not, but again it isn’t confirmed yet. So there’s still a chance.


i’ve also took the time to digest the info… i’m down for co-op, i think it would be fun, so long as the principal elements are still in place… quests, exploration, etc… and i think a lot of fans would love it if co-op was an option, not a requirement… nothing wrong with being a lone wanderer… and this is kind of being touted as an expansion for fallout 4, similar to what new vegas was to 3…

so we get a proper new fallout in another 5 years, while we get to dive into new and interesting concepts for an already existing, and decent engine from fallout 4… with a crazy timeline never explored ever in the fallout universe…

i’m all in (i was regardless lol)…


Yes, I’m really excited for that! The guy said he would post the video some time on June 1st (tomorrow), so I’ll be checking it out for sure.

I wonder what kind of shoe he’s going to eat, if it’s even gonna be a real shoe at all.


Looks interesting. Especially since I’ve been waiting for a prequel that plays shortly after the war. So I’m hoping for a much darker Fallout just like the good old Fallout 1.

Multiplayer discussion:
I seriously doubt that it will be an MMO. The Creation Engine and their Radiant AI system is specialized for single player experiences. I’m sure it will be a singleplayer game + multiplayer part …

Trailer details:
… it could have to do with the computer which says “You’re invited!”. Invited to what? Maybe there’s some kind of “Vault Tec Network” where you can chat and invite your friends into your game/settlement.

There’s a backpack on the bed and a binoculars under the bed. A hint that we are some kind of adventurer/wastelander who found Vault 76 5 years after the original inhabitants were going to resettle the wasteland? Or maybe the player character is the last living inhabitant of Vault 76 since everyone else mysteriously disappeared in the wasteland after the Reclamation Day …

I am curious to see what they will show on E3.


I just hope that it’s not like ESO…monthly subscriptions to play an online game never have been appealing to me.


As a fun side note, you know who we could run into the wastes? The Puppet Man. He was from Vault 77 after all, and if the game is only 25 years after the Great War, he is potentially still alive, and could be in the area.


Yeah, that would be pretty cool to see. What plays even more into this idea is how on the Fallout 76 stream that Bethesda did, there was a Vault Boy Puppet for a short moment.

Probably nothing but a joke for the viewers, however it could have more of a meaning.


Just gonna leave that here




So despite the vagueness of all the news so far, Bethesda alreadu made the game available for Pre-order.


i see no issue there, those people are buying it regardless, it’s just something most companies do after announcing a game… the funny thing is, the smart ones are waiting for collectors/deluxe editions anyways…

i might do what i did with fallout 4, just get the digital copy so it’s ready at midnight… it will have to be a kick ass collectors edition to change my mind, but 4’s pipboy was totally not for me lol…


I remember being excited for that thing. Lol. I’m glad I didn’t end up getting it in the long run.